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My workspace

I know. Some of you expect to see this amazing plant jungle (that’s the rest of my home). Or maybe some ah-may-zing desk set-up (nah, I like white). Or supreme cord managment (I wish…).

I was recently asked about a “wish list” and I can honestly say I wouldn’t mind one of these:

But I suspect if I tried to do it, I’d up with this…

But this is it. Simple. Nice light from the window next to me without being full of noise. A desk that isn’t so big that it invites too much stuff on it (I do clear it regularly). My previous set-up was more of a full-on voice over work setup. Imagine a LOT of sound conditioning that created a type of box that wasn’t quite-so-nice.

I also had ridiculously high Victorian ceilings. The ceiling has been lowered in this spare bedroom and I’m sure that makes all of the difference. I’ve realised since switching to the better mic (compared to my £25 thing..) that I can get away with less. It makes my space WAY more productive. I prefer having a more open space. I know that a space for recording isn’t supposed to be the best place for writing and vice versa, but I feel like I’m getting away with it.

And, yes, I have a thing for journals.

Mistress Elswyth's simple workspace.