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Sunday Eunoia – The End of Our Week

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Your breath catches and heartbeat speeds up as the music begins. You feel that stirring, the tingles along the nape of your neck, and you know you’re about to go under again. Under where you’ll be breathing deeply, your body relaxed, and mind opens for training.

Be captivated, captured, a willing victim of the best kind. Contained by words.

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Sunday – Eunoia

Have I mentioned recently that I love the way Ne-Yo dresses? I mean, sure, he’s probably not going to the farmer’s market that way. But a man dressed like that would always be welcome to grace my presence. One of the many benefits of femdom, for me anyway, has been openly admitted that I fucking *love* eye candy. Now, before y’all start wondering if Mistress is only enjoying the Jamie Dornan’s of the world .. I can honestly say my “mmhmm, that’s good..” range is large.

A few of my lovely followers have sent me pics and I gotta say my range has expanded. Give me the bald guy that laughs about not having a hair brush to smack his ass with (and shares the pic of his ass! woot!).. or the reluctant shaver that does it because he knows it makes him handsome x2.. the handsome cyclist who pretends he’s showing off the bike or view and not his humble self… the woman in pigtails and costume.. the linen trousers bought to experience clothes that I enjoy seeing on someone. And my personal circle that includes the man that looks he stepped out of a Viking larp.. or the one steadily covering over every inch of himself with tattoos… Maybe I just love people of all varieties?

I will say, I’m kinda tempted to find myself a jolly bald guy and put some wings on him. An interesting twist on an angel..

Finally, and none of this has anything to do with Sunday.. I once had an agreement with a submissive that *if* we entered a long term contract/agreement that he would have wings tattooed on his back. Alas. It turns out someone greatly underestimated his fear of needles. He can take the sound (metal rod), TENS, and all kinds of other fun stuff — even considered a cock piercing — but tattoos freak him out.

Life can be cruel, guys.

Enjoy our six minutes together this Sunday.