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Can you kneel without kneeling?

You know how I feel about limiting yourself and our play. Of course, you can kneel without physically kneeling. Can you experience the same benefits? What do *you* think? Come join me in today’s session and we’ll try out a couple – in our head – kneeling scenarios.

Y writes:

Dear Mistress. I found you through maid training and hope you will give me more tasks. I’m willing. Sincerely yours, Y-

ME – There are days when I wish all of my happy maids could converge on my home for cleaning and fun. Alas, that’d require quite a few plane tickets (and a larger house!) so we’ll just meet in shared reality. Don’t worry, even Pixie has a part to play in the kneeling sessions coming out Friday and Saturday.

J writes:

Dearest Goddess Elswyth, can I make my own safe spot to use for a hypnosis safeword?

ME – I think this is a great idea. I have done personalised sessions with others that created their little Utopia setting. I know that I have a whimsical retreat, well two of them, that I use as my meditation spots in my head. I’m not sure how we could do this on a larger scale, but I’ll have a think on it!

For others who haven’t tried one of these sessions I have two available.

Tunnel of Light

Tunnel of Light

Castle Keep

Castle Keep Safeword Setting

R writes:

I can’t seem to stay focused without you. I find myself coming back to your website several times a day. I have listened to your last session several times now but can’t seem to get the fence painted. I am aching for you and I am longing for your words. Please use me.

ME – With pleasure. The nature of the next sessions being released will definitely fill this need of yours.

C writes:

I hope you are fully recovered from your vaccine side effects and that you are enjoying an amazing Sunday.  I plan to relisten to several of the Sunday eunoias from earlier this year.  I may also relisten to several of the affirmation sessions. 

With any luck, when I go back to bed in a few minutes, I will have the dream again where I am crawling on a slight incline trying to get to you.

ME – I’m sure luck was on your side! I like the “together” Sunday Eunoias, they’re some of my favourites.

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Can you DIY the SbE LDR FLR?

SbE femdom hypno image

Today’s podcast is all about expanding on the idea of personalising our time together. An Anonymous follower let me know their personal (you can do the same):

Mistress Elswyth,
I’ve been following you on YouTube for a little while and downloaded your beginner bundle. I’ve never done a safeword session for hypno before but I wanted to go to a safe place more than once during Circles Within Circles.
I went on a spending spree last week and I cannot describe with words how I feel about The Apartment. Such an exciting story and scenario. I plan to listen to Naughty Bunny and Eternal Suitor once a week each and use the little affirmations on any day I don’t have time.
May I have permission to cum (or not, at my own discretion) on days when I don’t hear your voice on Eunoia?
Thank You, Thank You,

Completely Yours

Denial & Rewards Feedback

J writes: My fav denial is strange, I think. I practice fasting and when I break my fast I always do it with an involved meal that takes a while to cook . It feels like meditation tagged onto the end. The food tastes better too.

N writes:

I can deny the whims into tangents of my present self to reward my future self with goals fulfilled.

I can deny the immediate carnal desires of my present self to reward my future self with satisfaction of greater value.

I can deny the unhealthy habits of my present self to reward my future self with new stamina and self-respect.

TM writes:

First of all, thank you for today’s release my goddess.  I did not know the flower. I will try not to release today until the end of the day. Denial and reward. If I disobey reward or release, will i get it soon or do I care? The only thing I care about is mistress. My pleasure is derived from hers. My release is not important. Reward#1 worshipping goddess’ feet. Reward#2 goddess using my face as a throne until she is satisfied. Reward#3 looking in my goddess’ eyes as she thinks of tasks for me. Denial#1 teasing me relentlessly while I wear petite underwear. Denial#2 edging on a schedule. Denial#3 hourly denial and teasing, promised release if withstanding the tease, although ultimately denied at the end but promised release soon

V writes:
Regarding permissive circumstances and denial/ rewards, I often use days that fall under denial to refocus my energies into an unfinished endeavor or whatever cloud is hanging around that needs to be dealt with.   Denial or reward I’m assured a positive outcome that will only bring me closer to being the best “me” or “Sabriel” I can be. My current project stems from my “3 ways” and I’m overjoyed with its progress. Pic and hopefully video to follow.

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What’s a chastity keyholder without a key?

chastity keyholder image


The key isn’t what brings happiness. The control does. But is it just about chastity or is it more of controlling that denial and reward? I think you know the answer.

p.s. I would never turn down a key, just sayin’ it’s not a *requirement*.

How would you creatively use ten minutes with unlimited resources?

N writes: I would use my ten minutes to create experimental music that’s actually original and interesting.

CD writes: With 10 minutes and unlimited resources I would probably try to create a way to bridge differences. I do not know why folks cannot get along. We use religion and race and gender and other things as dividers. If I could I would divine the formula for undoing that tendency.

TM writes: In ten minutes I don’t think a lot could be done unless first setting up a plan to have a lot of money stashed for what follows the ten minutes. I would invest in stocks and cryptocurrency then immediately purchase contracts to construct a state of the art building where great minds can converge and plan new ways to make the earth a peaceful and prosperous place to live.

ME – If anyone wants to toss some crypto my way, let me know. I enjoy a good shitcoin (Doge!) as much as the big dogs.

D writes: My ten minutes of creativity would be jamming with Duane Allman.

ME – I did a google search on Duane Allman and then immediately had a “duh” moment for not recognizing the surname! I think if you grow up in Nashville it means you’re basically required to learn an instrument or sing, right?

RD writes:

Dear Mistress Elswyth, I was thrilled to see you had read my comment 🙂 I am glad you liked it. Even in these times, during lock downs and social distancing, it feels wonderful that even for a fleeting moment one can reach out and be heard. Thank you Mistress. I am grateful for all the effort and love you put in this.

ME – You’re welcome. I do read a lot of the comments, although I lag behind on the YT ones quite a bit!

D writes: Dear Mistress, I need more pixie sessions. I want to know about this new narrative. I see that there is a session for download on your website. I fear I may have missed key information. Is there a download code or is this only for purchase? Sincerely yours, D

ME – Dearest D. I used a poll to allow patrons to vote on which session they preferred. It ended up being the Eternal Suitor (Sabriel). So that session is the one that I gave away to my patrons. But.. I really, really wanted to do Pixie so I just went ahead and added it to the shop. I like using the Patreon poll feature to ask patrons which direction they prefer and prioritizing it (like I did with Eternal Suitor), and maybe getting another session in if time allows.

TM writes: Over the past 3-4 years I have developed an interest in different things that i would scoff at, thought of as strange or had no opinion on. Such as: getting pegged, wearing a chastity cage, prostate milking, my Queen rewarding me by letting me be her throne, my Goddess allowing me to release and my Mistress teaching me how to make sure I follow directions. These things I have treated in my own mind as a sort of controllable multiple personality gift.

I appreciate you sweet Mistress. Thank you for listening. As I remember more, I will tell you things that make me who i am or was before you taught me how to control my mind more efficiently.Pictures of the new caged beast coming soon.

R writes:

 When you put me on my knees I feel comfortable and reassured. I was starting to retreat, afraid that I would share to much or already had. I do trust You and I am willing to be open. I will obey you.

While looking out the window today I realized that sometimes my occupation requires thinking outside of the box and their is a need for creativity. Perhaps I should be focusing on what I am rather than what I am not.

Thank you for all good things.

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Can you personalize a femdom hypnosis relationship?

femdom hypnosis

Is your experience unique to you? Is it possible to personalize a long-distance Femdom hypnosis relationship? 

This Eunoia topic will lead to an interactive kneeling session. I’m using the topic of kneeling, during hypnosis, as a way to deconstruct the ways to experience SbE Femdom hypnosis. Does it need to be physical movement? Is this all in my mind?

I use the Forniphilia session as an example.

D writes:

Dear Mistress, What a spell. I am frozen in pleasure and need to do things, but I am so orgasmic in my whole body. I can send pleasure everywhere I want. I wish I was in the castle room and tied up so I could moan. Can you see my open mouth, your fingers inside me, and my shining eyes. I am going to breathe into my third eye to leave you for a while. I am going to try. I failed. I am breathing into my body, as if I am inflatable for mistress, every part of me open and vulnerable and sensitive and frozen. Your toy!

ME – He goes on.. but I think you get the idea. Scrumptious, isn’t it?

R writes:

Dear Mistress, I thought that I had everything that I needed and wanted, that I was content. Then one day I heard your voice and could not stop listening. Today when I listened to your words and reflected I was actually able to see myself standing there as if at an airport waiting for everyone that I love so much to get off that plane, so excited to see them. And because of You I believe that I can show them all how much I love them. A bear hug as you said, sharing memories, sharing more of myself with them and seeing more of them, seeing that they all brought that energy into my life as well. Because of you I can share the best me with all of them. It is the energy from this new relationship that can be spread out and shared so that everyone in my life can experience it. Thank you Mistress.

ME – You’re welcome. Thank YOU for taking the time to share this with me. I love that you *get* it so completely.

V writes:

Dear Mistress, Regarding the spark and ways to describe it, I‘ll start by saying I adored the airport analogy!  If it’s possible to add another dimension to it, I could also describe it as a floating “do no wrong” feeling that, if I take a step back and look at everyday life,  I find I apply to daily interactions with most people I meet. Some could call it “Devil’s Advocate” but I find giving everyone the benefit of the doubt often leads to the most positive outcomes in any given situation. In a world where feelings and thoughts can be warped or misconstrued in a text or a tweet (no Twitter for me, sorry), I will always choose a kind word or thought to help someone’s day along.  As I am  continually broken and remade, I have embraced this daily goal and I am a better person for it.  Eternal thanks to you, my Empress.

Sincerely yours, V

ME – I agree with you. How do you keep yourself in that mindset when you are having one of those off days – late out the door, can’t find your keys, etc..?

A few links from the conversations.

Violet – A voice in the background (non-hypno) session, talking about finding Sabriel.

The Eternal Suitor – The Sabriel trigger setting session.

The Apartment – A mind control session.

Forniphilia – Human furniture, priceless statue.. you can be anything I want, can’t you?

R writes:

Dear Mistress,

This mans motivation comes from a desire to serve his Mistress. He wants so badly to experience what it feels like to be used for pleasure. What it must feel like to please his Mistress and know that she has enjoyed using him. He wants to know that he is owned and that he is collared. He wants to know that his search is over so that he may kneel at Mistress Elswyths side ready to rise when commanded and be anything that she chooses.This does not mean that he is not a gentleman,it simply means that he is her gentleman. Mistress has all the control and anything that she denies him is frustrating, on the other hand any attention that she gives him is forever cherished.

I hope I am on track.

Sincerely Yours, R

ME – You are definitely on the right track. But I had no doubt that you’d get it.

R writes:

Dear Mistress I am enthralled.  How would you feel having a really old guy as a loyal sub?

ME – I answer this one on today’s Eunoia, with a bit about hamsters.. anyway, I get this question a lot about too old/young. 18+ is the only requirement.

D writes:

Dear Mistress, I became Sabriel. That, that, that file is mind blowing and addictive, but in the best way: progress and sexual submission of the highest order. You are a great writing teacher too, taken all of the notes you received, found the similar themes, and dropped lines that many of us would latch onto. Yet, almost all of the lines feel like they were written for me. Crazy and magical! What a gift to have the ability to lose myself in that file, with that trigger providing a hypno bomb into my neural pathways. I am Sabriel but also literary D(analyzing/loving file structure, lack of induction, music, number deepeners, variation in dynamics…) and finally the beloved pet, who must come when called. So when I need to be owned, dominated, seduced, prodded, or wherever you lead I can follow, I have a file to keep close, and be close to you. If Sabriel needs to vanish, I have my personal file to release me from that trigger, and go back to Amalfi. Please take this slow indeed. I have so much to learn, take, give, and love. And I wish had time to scour your feed to listen to what makes you laugh and what book I can quote; Sabriel demands it. LOL you are good hypno goddess artist word rune maker mistress. Still working on Empress.

ME – The book that I loved for ages, but do not own a copy of, is Tryst. It was out of print and expensive (I was tempted to steal it from the library) and then.. time passed and I’ve decided I don’t want to buy it for myself. I do have a .pdf copy.

D writes:

Dear Mistress, This morning all my office mates talked about their vacations, the gardening projects or finally getting the vaccine. I was like didn’t any of you adopt three new personas or hang out in a latex bed?

B writes:

Dear Mistress,

I think the goals of the man who can’t have fun until the chores are done are to have things in his environment in order and under control. I imagine that someone using a cup or a plate as soon as he has finished the dishes would frustrate him. Or someone putting something somewhere it doesn’t ‘belong’.

I played PUBG today. While I earned a few ‘chicken dinners’ in the game, my ultimate win for the day is listening to Your words. I am about to listen to ‘Going deeper faster’ again before I sleep. Qualifying for a permissive circumstance is a nice bonus. 

I hope You have (or had, depending on where You are) a beautiful day apart from the Covid test.

Sincerely yours, B

D writes:

Dear Mistress, Please share with all your Sabriels the albums, films, book of poems, alcohol drinks and sitcoms you love. Also, please add the tea drinking file to open consumption.

ME – Do you mean the “tea drinking” session on making the cup of tea? I liked how many considered that one to be a win. I’ll have a hunt for it.

I use a Hobonichi journal for keeping my life in order. My Useful One bought the weeks version that is exclusively for SbE notes. In my personal one, at the back, it has the “100 Things” spot. A friend used theirs to keep track of 100 board games they played as the year progressed. I FINALLY had a Eureka moment and realized how I’d like to fill mine. With that said.. I don’t keep a mental list of favourites. If you ask my favourite drink, well, it’s the digestif an older gentleman INSISTED I have after a long, lingering lunch full of google translate, laughter, and terrible English (his) and Italian (mine) with others chiming in.

My fav sitcom (currently) is Coupling (UK version) that I watched semi-recently even though I think it is a decade or so old?A friend insisted I give it a try and it literally makes me laugh and I’m usually not a fan of sitcoms. Fav album? Not sure, but when I just need something to play for a while Appalachian Spring by Copland is a go to.

E writes:

Dearest Mistress,

I’m sorry to double up on my messages/notes to you. I just wanted to let you know about my experience with the Release from Chastity and Chair/HFO sessions.

I listened to them a few times over the past 2 days and they were wonderful. I treated myself to a hot bath so that my muscles were more relaxed before i listened to them. After this i oiled myself slowly by the light of a candle before i lay down on my bed. Lying there in bed all glistening made me feel so special and so dirty all at the same time.

It was a wonderfully frustrating feeling not having physical release, which i’m a fan of since i’m doing the orgasm denial thing for myself. I found myself squirming and almost thrashing around as i repeated the sessions. I tried to bite down on a piece of cloth because i did not want to wake the neighbourhood up! At the end of it all i found a strange sense of calm because it almost felt like a spiritual release. I found myself giggling to myself and smiling which surprised me.

As i went about the business of life the next day it made me feel so wonderfully special and filthy that i was having these experiences.

I just want to serve you better. I just want to deserve and earn these experiences. I hope this note finds you well.

Yours, E.

ME – “wonderfully special and filthy” should be on a keychain. I know this is a reason why I love lingerie under clothes, triggers used for mind games, and leaving marks on willing playmates so they can feel and see them throughout the day. It is fun. And it is a welcome break from the mundane.

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Creativity and Imagination Hypnosis Session

femdom hypnosis session

This is the first of the full length sessions dedicated to creativity and imagination.

There is a disclaimer, in the beginning, warning that a few of the imaginings can be sad. Nothing drastic, one of them includes imagining the choice between a cage or being free. Another imagines a ball as it is used for sports. The reasoning is this builds on that experiencing hardship can increase imagination – due to thinking of creative solutions or simply daydreaming about something better.

Thanks for the well wishes. I think my vaccine experience has been much like others — very sore arm, a bit of aches, and that’s about it. When they ask you which hand you write with be sure to tell them which SIDE you sleep on.

Enjoy the session.

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10 Minutes of Anytime, (almost) Anywhere Mindful Meditation SbE

Femdom Hypnosis

Hello, dear followers. I’m giving you a 10 minute long Anytime (almost) Anywhere, Mindful Meditation (AAMM). The meditation can be used for focused attention (FA) or open monitoring (OM) meditation. Both styles enhance thinking that goes on to enhance creativity.

This is part of the Eunoia series devoted to creativity and meditation. Episode 1 explains why this fascinates me and Episode 2 covers the science behind meditation and the impact on thinking. The rest of this week will have sessions (long and short) to increase your creativity.

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Eunoia, Enhancing Creativity

school bench with stationery in classroom

Good Monday, don’t you know how much I love a Monday?

Today we’ll take a deeper dive into a fascinating study about meditation and creativity, and as the week goes on I’ll be releasing some longer hypnosis sessions that foster imagination and creativity. Tomorrow’s podcast is a 10-minute meditation session; no preamble, no homework or permissive circumstance.

C writes:

I just feel the very strong need to send this message of love and support. You give so much to your followers and it is so very appreciated. Eunoia every day is so wonderful; whether it is 6 or 12 minutes I know that you spend lots of time preparing it and it is magical fun.  I cannot tell you how much joy you have provided over the last (almost) year. That said, you have been giving even more since March … expanded Eunoia, more messages directly to you, etc.  And I know you have other things (you mentioned zemiology).  I can only speak for myself in saying that I do not want your status as Mistress to become a burden. I say that in all sincerity. Obviously, I have never met you in person and do not foresee that. Nevertheless, I care tremendously about your well-being … you always tell us that we are loved and valued … you are, too.

Nothing I do here is truly a burden, and I will always make sure I take the space I need to ensure I can continue. I feel the love and appreciate it, almost everyone is always kind and I know what to do with those who aren’t!

D writes:

Dear Mistress, I listened to Sabrielle more attentively; your wordplay and training are inimitable. I want to go deeper as your subject, and become a better writer.

I will accept this compliment gladly even though I had find inimitable in the dictionary.

D also writes:

As a gentleman what would frustrate me is disobeying the rules I want to follow, and as a service sub, not asking for more work around the house to do.

Within this comment are some clues to the next maid trigger, after dear Pixie.

An anonymous comment from my questionnaire about kneeling:

I love your voice, the delicate balance between romance and dominance you strike. Amazing!

Thank you, what a fun way to describe this.
I’m enjoying the responses to the quiz and have some great ideas.

After I’ve recovered from whatever toll the Covid vaccine takes upon me, I’ll be exploring kneeling and everything related to it in the next series of Eunoia instalments.

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Can 10 minutes a day of mindful meditation enhance creativity?

femdom hypnosis photo

Happy Friday! Your favourite femdom hypnotist had too many deadlines hanging over her head. I’m relieved to be back with my Happy Harem and we’re starting a three-part series. This series will lead to a variety of sessions being released. Part one is today, part two will be on Monday.

I’m scheduled for my covid jab early next week. In the event I’m one of those that feels “blech” after, I figure having a few new sessions will keep you occupied. There will be at least one patron-only session for next weekend. And then… ooh.. we jump into the scrumptious topic of kneeling.

R writes:

Listened to The Apartment for the first time after work. Don’t remember anything after the induction…

ME – You’re welcome.

A different R writes:

Dear Goddess,

 I write to you to inform you that the 2nd role mentioned in today’s Eunoia is very intriguing to me. I tend to be a “perfectionist” and tidy up, but the thought of being so disorganized in a sense that seeks Goddess’s attention? Hmm 🤔 To be told I’m no good at it and instead to be pulled away for something I may be of more use to. I apologize if I seem to be rambling but my thoughts are quite uncontainable. I look forward to seeing what lies in store for the weekend. Much gratitude, much love.

ME – I can understand why it is distracting. I can see on some days the fumbling being rewarded with a “more use” activity – probably a lot of time in bed.. and other days when you’re told to bend over the sofa! It would definitely depend on my mood and, likely, your charm.

TM writes:

Dearest mistress,

It turns out the one testicle I have is a relative of Houdini or a buddhist, physical chastity will not work on me. I have made multiple attempts to throw on a cage, they have all failed. I have tried metal silicone and plastic. I have the willpower to go without. I will think of your idea of denial when I do not have your permission for release.

ME – I’ve been a chastity keyholder both online and in everyday life and know that some people struggle with physical chastity devices. (pro tip – for LDR chastity, use those plastic locks with numbers. Brilliant inventions”!)

With that said, remember this comment for the next Eunoia theme coming around the week of April 26th – discussing the different ways to experience the femdom hypnosis sessions. I also don’t have a strong preference between mental or physical, except for the yum of seeing the different styles. Cock piercings used for chastity rank highly for me.

BC writes:

Goddess Elswyth,

I am so happy and excited to be your Patron I fell in love with your audios and I really want to place my head at the bottom of your feet. The moment I hear your voice I feel an extreme urge to kneel on the floor with my eyes down. Thank you for making my life happier and meaningful.



ME – You’re welcome. This position sounds like “humble pose” to me. I’m linking the audio and video below for those who haven’t heard it.

T writes:

New follower.. big fan, listening to you on Spotify rn. Thank you.

ME – Thanks. Glad to have you.

Eunoia – Humble Pose (Wed Jan 13th, 2021)
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Sunday – How do you find the spark?

close up photo of fire

Two new sessions went up on Saturday.

Patrons voted for The Eternal Suitor. And they have received a free download coupon for it. You’ll no doubt hear the pleasure I have in doing this session and creating the Sabriel trigger.

Yet, I couldn’t resist getting my Flirty French Maid trigger out there. I’m looking forward to seeing how many want to join me on Pixie adventures.

Today’s Eunoia explores the energy referred to time and again in the Sabriel session.

E writes:

Dear Mistress Elswyth
It’s my birthday tomorrow will you allow me a release while I think of you? Specifically I would like to imagine washing your hair and body whilst you enjoy a bubble bath.

Instead of flowers wrapped in wasteful plastic I’ve sent you pictures of spring flowers growing in the wild .
Much love sincerely yours E

ME – I’ve already given E his permission and birthday wishes. His note is so sweet that it deserved to be shared. You can likely guess which flowers he sent my way.

Bunnie sent:

A thoughtful gift. He tried to send something else – but it appears that “3rd party seller” thing on Amazon bit him.

I admit, I’m happy he had that hiccup because the bracelet he picked instead is perfect for a hypnotist. It has a delicate silver chain and crystal charm pendant – practical as a bracelet or a pendulum. Tick tock.

Thank you, Bunnie.

note: Bunnie isn’t Bunny. I think I’m collecting romantic rabbits!

D writes:

Dear Mistress: I am writing now in my garden. Thank you! I would love if you considered personalized kneeling files for the future—just five minute swirling loop files. No beginning or end. I bought a knee pad for cleaning and weeding, but really for this. I also thought you others might enjoy a vanilla hypnosis about increasing their ability to think and feel musically. I play guitar, but I have self-limiting beliefs I plan to break this summer.

ME – So what do the rest of you think? If you love this idea I want to hear more from you through this form (all replies will be anonymous).

And, D, I’m more than happy to give you (and others) a confidence boost session. I’m wrapping up the last of the sleep sessions and will likely do that one next.

A few of the “bouquets” sent my way…

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Flirty French maid trigger session “Pixie”

femdom sissy maid

Pixie is Madam’s pure delight.

Listen to the trailer and decide if being this fun, flirty french maid is right for you. My patrons chose the Eternal Suitor – Sabriel in my April poll, but I couldn’t resist allowing Pixie some playtime.

Find the full session here