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What is humiliation play? Eunoia May 13

red and white makeup brush

Don’t worry, the upcoming sessions are not only humiliation based. I have a backlog of sessions to record, but I’m stuck with this damn stuffy nose that refuses to go away! Anyway. It just means more fun in the upcoming weeks.

The plan is to record a new Naughty Bunny (Sabriel style) and have it out this weekend. I also have two non-kink sessions that I want to share with you. I know the one will be well-received by quite a few followers.

For those that celebrate, Happy Eid! I’m trying my hand at kanufe (it has so many spellings) today. I couldn’t find the dye, so I’m going American style and adding yellow/orange. The dessert is a mix of philo dough (chopped) and different cheeses. The best part about living in the UK is the wide range of foods available here that my small town America didn’t offer up.

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Permissive Circumstance – May 11th

A this is the first time I’m giving a Permissive Circumstance in a written form, you have my permission today, because I appreciate that you pay enough attention to have found this post.

I enjoy the Permissive Circumstance game, and am tickled how many messages I get thanking me for release (or denial) on a daily basis. When I’m not able to put out Eunoia, I still wish I could indulge in our little orgasm denial game.

The format and method of posting may change slightly next time, since I’m not sure how this will look when it cross-posts to Twitter yet, but I will be sending out these stipulations daily from now on (barring wild horses, hell and/or high water, or catastrophic internet failure).

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Phantom Butt Plug with Femdom Hypnosis

This is the trailer. The butt plug hypnosis session is free in the shop. But(t) it has a twist. If the session’s tip jar buzzes… you might get to buzz as well. Fun, eh? This session is for the anal play curious or enthusiasts. It isn’t for those who want forced (oh, noes..) into it.

Listen to the trailer and decide if it’s right for you. As always, a hypnosis safeword is encouraged.