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Eunoia, A Statement of Purpose

I’m more than aware that a few of my lovely followers have been missing regular Eunoia, my “Preamble Rambles” especially. Oh dear, this session seems to have turned into almost exclusively rambling!

Find out what sessions are coming soon for Patrons and everyone else, and a whole lot more that was on my mind.


V writes:
I just finished (?) PTTFO and what an auditory delight it was! Thank you for all the good things! I’m certain I’ll revisit it in the coming days to try and continue to wrap my mind around it ❤️

Thank you for such a kind review of “PTTFO“. Here’s a reminder that this session’s five-letter title is also a coupon code that will earn you a discount on Eternal Suitor and The Apartment.

CD writes:
Dear Mistress – The Bialetti Moka Pot seems pretty cool. I had never heard of it. The video made it look easy to use. I may invest.

Tm writes:
Oh my god! I didn’t know such a thing existed! I am getting a moka pot immediately!!! I love it. Thank you so much for expanding my mind and teaching me about this genious invention.

anonymous lady brewing coffee in geyser pot in kitchen

DM writes:

Dear Mistress, you sound like you’re in a really good mood today, happy to hear it. No homework for me today, those espresso makers are fantastic. Have a great day! Ciao for now.

It seems that by suggesting that you learn to use a stove-top espresso maker I inadvertently sold a few. Time to get those Amazon Affiliate links set up!

N writes:
It seems that the new session isn’t in the Shop yet, but I would like to mention a session that you had intended to release months ago and never did. Do you remember the week of Eunoia that involved practicing a different posture every day? You mentioned that you were going to make a standalone session from that. Thank you for the permission, Mistress.

Thank you so much for reminding me! This should be very easy to do, and I’ll make it a priority. For everyone interested in this session,Tell Me Good Things: should this be a longer session with a proper induction, or a simple run-through of positions with time to hold each pose?

AB writes:
Dear mistress, i want to learn to last as long as I want inside a vagina. I have a stamina training Fleshlight. I would love a kind of joi edging session training stamina. Wow! Thank you so much mistress.

person grasping the bed sheet

I’m not so convinced that this can be learned this way. I had a partner who suffered from “death grip” and so would take an uncomfortably long time to orgasm when playing together. The solution was outright banning masturbating by hand; only the Fleshlight or a vibrator were permitted.
I’m not certain how to translate this into lasting longer. I think this kind of stamina is a matter of delaying gratification, and only practice with a willing partner will help.

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Mind Control Fragments – A New Induction

There’s just one suggestion (or polite complaint) that I’ve heard repeated about Mind Control Fragments. More than a few of you have told me that the induction is not long enough. Maybe this has left you unable to reach a deep trance.

Today you will find a new fragment that can be used as a stand-alone induction, or as a conversational deepener in conjunction with “Eye Contact”. It’s inspired by an induction I first used all the way back in July, last year.

Soon I’ll be adding some more of these fragments to Youtube, just another way I can create my own little playlist of sessions.

I’ve been sharing these new snippets on Wednesdays, and just like last week, if you’re spending time playing with this game, you have my permission for today… if you promise to let me know what you get up to.

A Quick Update

I’ve posted this fragment to YouTube. You can find it here.

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Eunoia – Sunday – Deep Abdominal Breathing

If you usually skip the video, you should take the time for this one. I found a few interesting couples and I AM IN LOVE with the one necklace. The dangling charm down the back sells it. I’m just not convinced I could wear it on one of my typical evenings out! And hit the “like” button so YouTube will be all impressed by the numbers.

Happy Sunday! I plan to have an ongoing Sunday breathing session for a while longer. The chatty Eunoia will be returning for a *midweek* check-in. Doing so on Monday is a bit of a trial because it never leaves me enough time to work through messages and such. (And I do like giving praise when it is earned!).

Saturdays will likely continue to be session days. The routine makes all the difference, right? And I looooove the way we can use the PC cards to keep that game rolling. The response to PTTFO is scrumptious, but I’ll save some of that for Wednesday! I have a naughty “under the table” session just waiting to go out. If I have it edited prior to Saturday, I’m sure I can be convinced to give it to my Happy Harem a bit early.

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PTTFO – Mind Control Femdom Hypnosis

What is PTTFO? By the end of this session, you might find out.

This session might feel like a fun flirtation, a story of a couple on a date. But is there something else going on behind the scenes? Did I change your perception with a trigger, a word rune I’ve nestled in your mind? Did I leave you feeling warm, confused… happy, off-balance?

There’s no time to think about it, too long.

“I love this song… don’t you?”

This session uses a number of different triggers, from different sessions I’ve released in the past. You might recognise one, you might not recognise any of them. You might feel them, even if the words slip by you.

The only required reading is “Going Deeper Faster“… and why wouldn’t you want to go deep? Why wouldn’t you want to go fast?

We can go Deeper together

If you enjoy this session, I know you’ll appreciate a visit to My Apartment. Or perhaps you’d like to know what being my Eternal Suitor means to you, and to me? Both of these sessions are 20% off in the shop with the coupon code PTTFO.

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Permissive Circumstance – 26th June

Ah, Saturday. I wonder how many of you have made it this far? You already know if you have my permission or not, and I’m already enjoying myself, thinking about what game I want to play with you next week.

Later today I’ll be releasing a new Saturday session. This one will be on YouTube and on the podcast, it’s a fun flirtation touching on a lot of triggers that have been set in the past. There’s a subtle theme of ownership intertwined with suggestions of mind-control and memory play, as well as a few surprises.

This session you’ll hear later today, as I said it uses a number of triggers, though “Going Deeper Faster” is required listening. If you’re not familiar with it, you’ll find it in the shop, podcast feed and attached to this post, right now.

Tomorrow is our together day, and on Monday I plan to release a new MCF or two.

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Permissive Circumstance – June 24th

Let’s keep playing our little game. Are you holding out for Saturday? Did you enjoy yourself yesterday, listening to “Under the Table” perhaps? Or did you go ahead and play on Tuesday the moment I gave you permission? Have I not told you about how important it can be to delay gratification?

Today I am using Trello to create a table of one hundred upcoming session ideas, and it’s really useful for seeing lots of ideas and organising them. This isn’t a sponsored post or anything like that, I just really enjoy Trello.

I wish I’d had more time to record Eunoia episodes this week and especially a Monday episode, but I’m sticking with my resolution to focus on content (Sessions and MCF’s) first. I think it’s a good trade overall… what do my lovely followers think?

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New Fragments – “The Top” and “Under the Table”

I’m still feeling a little off colour thanks to Pfizer, but these little fragments had made it out of my head and onto the page already, and now they’re ready to be heard!

The Top is available on the podcast feed, but you can find Under the Table in the MCF playlist. This second fragment is a fun hint at the content of another session that will be coming soon… I hope it surprises you a little, I never want the titles of these sessions to completely give the game away, but also don’t want them to be riddles themselves.

Last week’s “Marshmallow” themed Mind Control sessions (Side A and Side B) spurred a number of happy compliments. One of you seemed delighted to tell me that they listen to the first part ten times in a row one evening, kneeling beside their own bed. Perhaps even a little proud of yourself, weren’t you? Both of these sessions can also be found on the playlist.

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Permissive Circumstance – June 22nd

Three Permissive Circumstance cards in a week… Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. This week you have permission for just one of these days. You can go ahead right now, or save up for later. I’ll check in on Thursday to see how you’re doing.

Good news is that I had my second Covid jab, hooray!

Bad news is that I had my second Covid jab and have a touch of the “blah’s” today. I’m going to quietly work on the Saturday Session and other things that are in the works.

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Eunoia, Together Day (Alternating)

Penetrate is live! The latest Saturday Session is available here.
What can you expect with Penetrate? A delightfully yummy trigger word that leaves you open to greater intimacy. Try it out.

As promised, here is the study showing the benefits of alternating nostril breathing.

This controlled breathing technique is used to produce calm, relaxation, balance, and stress relief. Plus, as the study shows, it can also help reduce blood pressure and improve your attention span!