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PTTFO – Mind Control Femdom Hypnosis

What is PTTFO? By the end of this session, you might find out.

This session might feel like a fun flirtation, a story of a couple on a date. But is there something else going on behind the scenes? Did I change your perception with a trigger, a word rune I’ve nestled in your mind? Did I leave you feeling warm, confused… happy, off-balance?

There’s no time to think about it, too long.

“I love this song… don’t you?”

This session uses a number of different triggers, from different sessions I’ve released in the past. You might recognise one, you might not recognise any of them. You might feel them, even if the words slip by you.

The only required reading is “Going Deeper Faster“… and why wouldn’t you want to go deep? Why wouldn’t you want to go fast?

We can go Deeper together

If you enjoy this session, I know you’ll appreciate a visit to My Apartment. Or perhaps you’d like to know what being my Eternal Suitor means to you, and to me? Both of these sessions are 20% off in the shop with the coupon code PTTFO.

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Permissive Circumstance – 26th June

Ah, Saturday. I wonder how many of you have made it this far? You already know if you have my permission or not, and I’m already enjoying myself, thinking about what game I want to play with you next week.

Later today I’ll be releasing a new Saturday session. This one will be on YouTube and on the podcast, it’s a fun flirtation touching on a lot of triggers that have been set in the past. There’s a subtle theme of ownership intertwined with suggestions of mind-control and memory play, as well as a few surprises.

This session you’ll hear later today, as I said it uses a number of triggers, though “Going Deeper Faster” is required listening. If you’re not familiar with it, you’ll find it in the shop, podcast feed and attached to this post, right now.

Tomorrow is our together day, and on Monday I plan to release a new MCF or two.