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Mind Control Fragments – A New Induction

There’s just one suggestion (or polite complaint) that I’ve heard repeated about Mind Control Fragments. More than a few of you have told me that the induction is not long enough. Maybe this has left you unable to reach a deep trance.

Today you will find a new fragment that can be used as a stand-alone induction, or as a conversational deepener in conjunction with “Eye Contact”. It’s inspired by an induction I first used all the way back in July, last year.

Soon I’ll be adding some more of these fragments to Youtube, just another way I can create my own little playlist of sessions.

I’ve been sharing these new snippets on Wednesdays, and just like last week, if you’re spending time playing with this game, you have my permission for today… if you promise to let me know what you get up to.

A Quick Update

I’ve posted this fragment to YouTube. You can find it here.