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Eunoia – A Queen Needs a Throne

I don’t remember exactly what I mentioned as far as sessions in this Checking the Diary Eunoia, because I was too busy talking about how great my chair is.

I’m working through Personalised MCF sessions (I’ve recorded about 40% of those that were requested) and writing two different full-length sessions to be released as soon as possible. Those are Pocket Pet and a JOI session with lots of talk about the position I would choose to have you in. Something for everyone!

I’ll turn this into a Youtube video later today!

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Together Day – Seven and Eleven

If you’re seeing this in your favourite podcast app, remember that there’s more you certainly aren’t seeing on

A return to normalcy means a return to Together Day this Sunday.

I’d tell you how excited I am to start a fresh week, a fresh Monday (and you’ll hear about my new journal this week, I’m sure)… but actually, that’s not important. Together Day isn’t about next week, or the last, it’s about being present in this moment.

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Wednesday Eunoia – Returning

corridor with doors and backlight

The (Monday) MCFs will be appearing later today. EDIT: The MCFs are now live on the player.

One is beach themed and for my “I don’t like the beach” people, rest assured it’s not all about sandy serenity. Consider it a mini-vacation. The other is movement-based – either in everyday life or in our shared headspace.

Today’s Eunoia is a thank you, bit o’ sad, and then a clearing the slate to give space for creativity to resume. I don’t think we ever fully get over losing someone, but we do find ways to smooth the sharp edges of grief and allow more of the good and less of the sad to fill us.

Today’s Eunoia also includes the beginning of Ch13 from A Book of Matches. A good read.