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Eunoia (November 30th) – Happy Harem Heights and Christmas Lights

In this instalment I disappoint at least someone by admitting that I don’t have a dentistry fetish.

My Patrons are enjoying the third (and final? maybe?) Maid Trigger Setting. This will be released generally in a few days, when the first adventure of my Prissy Sissy maid becomes available.

There’s still some time to get 35% off everything in the shop with this coupon code: CyberMonday21


Today is Tuesday and this is Eunoia, Spoken by Elswyth. Eunoia is all abou the connection between us outside of our sessions together. Send your notes through Patreon or the Spoken by Elswyth website to be included in the Listen section. And then you know the drill… continue on to Obey for the Homework, Permissive Circumstance, and so on.

Okay, so; you know how when you’re going to have something done everybody has to tell you their horror story? I knew I was going to end up with this crazy root canal, and I’ve never had like… any major dentist thing ever. Anyway, everybody wanted to tell me their crap and it’s like “No… no thank you! I don’t want to dwell there.”

I just hate the horror stories, anyway… so it wasn’t too bad, I don’t really reccomend it for a fun time, then again I’m not a masochist so who knows? But it’s, yeah… it hasn’t been too bad. I just, you might notice, I’m talking a little bit funny because I’m just trying to make sure that my teeth just don’t clack together in an unpleasant way. Something you don’t really think about until you spend too much time thinking about your teeth.

Anyway, so… that’s what was going on, you did not, oh my poor dears, you did not get an MCF. But, I will make it up to you. You know I like to give you good things. Oh, speaking of good things, welcome in to Jay, James, Shane and Daniel. That makes ninety-six, so… ninety-six coming up to the end of November, that ain’t bad, right?

If you plan to get in on my training spots for January, make sure you grab yourself one of those last four spots.

So the Black Friday/Cyber Monday, I wasn’t quite sure if I was gonna bother, but you know… I’ve got Bunny and some marketing people and they know how lackadaisical I can be about some of this, so… anyway… I threw that out there and actually, it was so much fun. I, ummm… yeah. I like it because a flurry of downloads and things like that happen, so I’m able to actually see what people are gravitating towards, and let me just say, there are a lot of maids in training out there.

And I know I keep mentioning January and yeah, we’re not even in December yet… yes my Christmas tree is up! But lots of my dear Happy Harem members they’ve told me that they are pretty swamped. Like the latter half of December, whether it’s y’know… travel to go over the river and through the woods… I forget how the rest of that song goes. Or it’s some people having some much needed holiday, and for a few of my… a few of my poor dears, they’re basically just owned by their employers. I think a lot of people are stuck being on call.

So, with all of that in mind, I’m just kind of looking at what we’re doing through December to get us to the best start for January, for that 2022… I know that I’m starting with those affirmations. I love affirmations and you guys love to send me affirmations. I especially like out kind of affirmations.

So for this weekend we’re going to have a public session that’s going out. It’s going to deal with all about this holiday season while keeping in sight who you are, what you want to be, and so on… it’s going to be a blend of your everyday life, and our shared reality. Don’t worry, it’s not going to be about mundane guilt… nor is it just about self-help, whatever. It’s a real talk between a Mistress and her man.

So I want you to take a moment, and just shake everything out. Right, roll your shoulders up… back… down… how good does that feel? This onw simple thing. One simple act, bringing pleasure to you. Take a breath in to four. And breathe out to five. In again to four. And out again to five.

Good job, breathe normally. Go ahead and maybe roll your hands around, stretching out your wrists. We can do your head too, stretching your neck, maybe clockwise circles… counter-clockwise…

Your homework for today is to spend some time saying goodbye to November. Maybe write down some things you loved about the month. Maybe send a text to a friend, a family member, somebody who needs to hear from you. Tell them some of the stuff you enjoyed this month. Depending on the friend you may or may not want to mention what we play with. And then ask them… ask them what you enjoyed about their November.

And then get ready to say hello to December. Realise that yeah, it might be dark by five, except for those of you who don’t live with the impending Winter Gloom. Ummm, ahhh… I kinda envy you! But, there is something special about seasonal change. It means you get to experience the world around you in a different way… which is nice, right?

I love Christmas lights, I love Christmas decorations… to me they’re just this… they’re just this really nice thing that perfect strangers do for other perfect strangers so we can all enjoy it. So, when it gets dark earlier, it means they’re just brighter.

Okay, enough rambling from Mistress Elswyth. Let’s go ahead and talk about your Permissive Circumstance. You have my permission today, if… okay… put your… what is it Kindergarten teachers say? “Put your listening ears on!” You have my Permission if you can spell the word [REDACTED] without looking it up.

Good luck, and enjoy yourself!

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Almost Eunoia (November 25th) – Black Friday and Pink Saturday

In this short-but-sweet episode I find the time to reflect on the fact that Black Friday has crossed the pond.

Even I have a Black Friday coupon code: BlackFriday21 for 35% off anything and everything in the shop. It works today and for the rest of the month, because I couldn’t decide what time-zone to set it for.

The new Maid Training trigger setting will be available on Saturday. I’ll allow you some time to get used to being my Prissy before putting out the first session. That one’s written and recorded, it’s a frivolous and rewarding experience that I’ll tell you more about on the weekend.

If you can’t wait for the weekend and want to begin your Maid Training today, the Margaret Trigger Setting is free in the shop.

The story of hosting a decadent dinner party with Pixie can be found in Under the Table.


Hey everyone, this is almost a Eunoia, Spoken by Elswyth. It’s for this week, leading up to Thanksgiving, which… hopefully, those that celebrate have great plans in the works. Those that don’t celebrate you can pretend to be American for a day, right? Maybe do a friends-giving and enjoy that.

It does seem like all around the world, even if you’re not doing Thanksgiving, all these companies are jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon. I have no idea why. Here in the UK we have Boxing Day, maybe that’s enough? Anyway, just saying this week.. bit crazy. Next week we will be back to… pretty much back to things as normal. I hope you enjoy what’s in the works for you, and… really, really happy with the responses that have been coming in lately, so keep that up.

Your homework is to enjoy yourself for this week… your Permissive Cirucmstance is “Yes, yes… you have my permission.” So have a wonderful holiday… and I will see you on Monday for an MCF, see you on Tuesday for Eunoia and see you this week for a little bit of… Pink… fun?

Bye for now.

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Eunoia (17th November) – Recreational Drugs and Pocket Monsters

In this episode I assure you that YKIOK.

The fun game I shared with my listeners last week was this Reddit RandNSFW link.

You can get Slave Position Training in the shop.

Go here if you haven’t already voted on my next Affirmations Series.


Today is Wednesday and this is Eunoia Spoken by Elswyth. Eunoia is all about the connection between us outside of our sessions together. Send your notes through Patreon or the website to be included in the listen section and continue on to obey for the homework, permissive circumstance and so on.

So I forgot to mention this yesterday but I heard back from a number of you about the Reddit-Random-NSFW permissive circumstance last week. That was fun, and so many of you enjoyed that as well so well done to you. It was very entertaining to me, that’s for sure. I had happy boys who received some fairly tame, vanilla porn… a few people that ended up with things like recreational drug forums and such… that’s not very erotic is it?

And then there’s my dear Useful One, my statue, who ended up with Pokémon porn. Oh dear. That wouldn’t be my destination for inspiration, but I am not judgey about kinks. So I’ve never even sought out Pokémon-themed writing inspiration nor Pokémon-themed masturbation inspiration. But the Reddit link is fun, so I think I’m just going to put the link in the episode notes again.

So the slave position training session… it’s remarkably popular, and I’ve had lots of kind comments about it. Dear Michel on my Patreon, he called it a Masterpiece. This all makes me feel confident that the upcoming training sessions that I plan to begin creating and releasing in January, those are going to be really well received.

Right now I’m working on the newest Maid Training sessions, and plan to record that on Thursday and release on the weekend as usual.

Today’s homework is “none”, so enjoy that. Your permissive circumstance however, okay… get ready. Start thinking Pokémon. Okay, you got it? If you know the names of three Pokémon who can learn Hypnosis, then you can have my permission today. This one feels almost generational, though I can swear Pokémon have been out forever.

Maybe I need to asking for something a bit more 80s/90s tomorrow. Ooh… maybe one of you clever, clever men can send me an idea for tomorrow’s permissive circumstance. And hey I won’t even hold it against you if you make sure you can meet it.

So that’s it for Wednesday and I will see you tomorrow. Be good.

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Eunoia (16th November) – Crickets and Bubbles

In this episode I remember that Christmas is coming.

The Personal Growth session Cole asked me for is also in the shop. I’ve just added it to the shop for the first time, at a deeply discounted price, hooray!

The link to the Affirmations Series Two poll is here, and you can find the original Affirmations Series One sessions here.


Today is Tuesday and this is Eunoia, Spoken by Elswyth. Eunoia is all about our connection outside of session time… send me your notes through Patreon, or the website, which allows you to do it anonymously, and listen to the first half for answer, replies and shot-outs. And the second half goes on to Obey.

A warm welcome to my newest Happy Harem member, Cole. Cole joined Patreon and immediately, though very politely, asked me for a certain Personal Growth session. So this session was, well… is, Penis Enhancement. See how it goes? Into Personal Growth?

And Cole’s asking, well that reminded me that when I first posted it for my dearest, dearest Patrons, I had you ask for it individually… mostly because I wanted to inspire some moments of maybe gentle, or not so gentle, blushing. Sometimes a bit of teasing is great for the soul, right? It’s not actual humiliation.

Okay, so, Christmas. Christmas is all over my city. It is amazing. I had the best time over the weekend, going into town. It was match-day. We won. Ah, man… I love live sports. I’ll be honest I can get into something televised if I have someone I’m really rooting for and yeah… yeah, I did watch Worlds. Not football, we’re talking e-sports. But man, live rugby, live football, soccer, whatever.

The only one, the only one I can’t like, find crazy enthusiasm for, and it’s only because I can’t work it out, is cricket. They all look very posh and proper and fantastic, and the crowds are amazing, but I don’t know how cricket works, so I’ll stick with the other ones and if I’m ever lucky enough to be gifted some cricket-tickets and go along with… maybe a wonderful gentleman who knows the rules, I’ll figure it out then, right?

I also tried Boba Tea… yeah, I think that’s a one-and-done kinda thing. A few of us were together, so… totally anti-covid, tried each others, and between the cheese-flavour and the… what was it, like watermelon-strawberry, and Oreo, I had a Thai-tea, which I usually love Thai-tea, yeah, I don’t know. It’s a one-and-done I don’t think I’m gonna be really wanting that any time soon. But in other news one of the food stalls that’s out has vegetarian samosas and I’m so lucky I do not live next door to these people. I would need a whole new wardrobe, they’re so good.

Alright, now that I’ve made you all hungry… let’s talk about the Affirmations and my good boys who did their homework. I have a really nice selection that were shared with me. They’re all in that useful inspiration document. So my Happy Harem on Patreon they have been voting on what Affirmations Series Two sessions they’d like to see come out soon, and now… I have a really good idea for what their favourite ideas are.

I’m going to make that poll available to the wider audience, you know… I’m data-collecting here. It’s very modern… Bunny would be so proud of me. Well Bunny’s proud of me anyway, because you know… Bunny’s proud of me because I put my shoes on today. He’s always one for compliments, he’s a great submissive. Anyway, so… that poll is going out to the wider audience, if you’re not a member of the Happy Harem, or Patreon, you’re going to have a chance still to vote… because I want to hear from you.

I do know not everyone can join in with Patreon and so on… so I try not to hide everything behind that wall. Oh, I’m definitely going to be making the top two session my muses choose. But I’m not revealing what they chose yet… unless I change my mind after recording this.

Okay, onto Obey. First thing first, I want you to stretch… and if you’re in the middle of a public place you can still stretch, right? I’m not asking for something crazy, I’m just saying stretch. If you can’t put your arms up, you can stand up on tippy-toes. If you can’t stand on tippy-toes you can probably put your arms out. If you’re missing arms and legs or you’re in a vacuum-sealed bed, but your head is sticking out, you can do some neck rolls. That’s a stretch, right? Go the other way.

Alright, so your homework… if you haven’t done it already, is to vote in the poll. And if you voted already, hey… you get a day off, right? Or, as your homework you can tell me your favourite, but not known by most people, type of stretch. I have one. No, I have two. I have two, and if I remember I will share them with you later.

Okay, today’s permission circumstance. Well… if you know the Inspection pose, if it’s properly ingrained in you by now, then you can adopt it for a five-minute meditation. Set a time, focus on your breathing, and after that practice, then you have permission to reward yourself for good behaviour. Nice, huh? A bit of mind-body going on, then. Oh, and don’t forgot to say thank-you. It’s good manners.

Okay, so that’s it for today. I will see you tomorrow, and we will have something coming out this weekend, but more on that later. Have a great Tuesday.

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Fear of Being Naked

This full-length session encourages you to let go of the source of your fears and anxieties related to being naked, alone, or with others. Together we will reflect on the source of this shame and confront it, and then I’ll share the benefits.

The session concludes with three enticing vignettes. Each is a fun, flirty thought, fixating on a moment in which you would find yourself comfortable without a stitch of clothing.

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Eunoia (November 12th) – Ex-Pats and Immigrants

Today I ramble about late-night TV and movie choices, and specifically Boss Level.

So that “Random NSFW” Reddit Link is right here.


Today is Friday and this is Eunoia, spoken by Elswyth. Eunoia is all about the connection between us outside of our sessions together. Send your notes through Patreon, or the website to be included in the listen sections, and then continue on to obey, you know… because it’s good for you.

First off, welcome to my newest Happy Harem member, Meeky… who went ahead and joined for a full year, taking up yet another lovely spot, gone… you know, once I hit a hundred, I won’t have to do shout-outs for new members. That’s actually… well, I don’t know, is that a good thing? Or not a good thing… we’ll see what happens.

The Affirmations Series Two poll, it is going up today, so make sure you head over to Patreon, vote on that. So last night, I’m one of those people… I know that all of the lockdowns and stuff really got me to the point that I wanted to share a bit more of these cultural experiences with folks. I live, as most of you know, I am… I don’t call myself an ex-pat. I call myself an immigrant. All the Americans like to be ex-pats. British people usually like to be ex-pats too. Nobody wants to be an immigrant.

Anyway, I am one. I live here in the UK. If I go to see a comedian, like I’ve been to see Stewart Lee and so on. They name-drop, so much. Like, everybody who lives on the island knows everybody else on the island, and I don’t. Or if you watch, and maybe it’s like this in America, but I just didn’t watch enough TV like this. If you watch, like, a game show, or some of these celebrity things like Masterchef and such, they… again, it’s like everybody knows everybody, ’cause everybody watches the same things.

Anyway, so… I did get into that, yes. I watched umm… oh shit, what’s his name? Um… the Joe Exotic guy, I can’t remember the name of the show, I refuse to look it up. I watched that. I watched Squid Game, I don’t know… I just kept up with stuff. I usually have something else going on at the same time, so it just works.

But last night it was one of those days where it’s just like… I don’t wanna go to bed, I don’t wanna go do something fun. And I had a couple of friends who were all like “Let’s watch something!” so it’s like… okay. One of them was like “Oh, yeah, The Wheel of Time has come out, and I have really been enjoying those books so it’s like “Uh, yeah… and I also want to see what some of the characters look like.” I think there’s a good bit of eye candy going on in Wheel of Time.

So, sat down… ready to watch it, and is it out? Turns out the 19th is a whole different day than the 9th. So I ended up watching… I ended up watching “Boss Level”. Now, I will say… yeah, there’s some eye-candy that goes on with that. He’s not really my type though, and that… in Boss Level, most of it was good, ’cause it wasn’t like, all dark and mysterious and whatever else. But the ending was so bad. I’m not spoiling it, but the ending to me was so bad, because it’s like… let’s use all of our gadgetry and all of our special effects on everything, single like… shoot-’em-up explosion scene and then at the end it’s like… now we’re done.

It’s kinda like erotica that leads up and the story’s good and you get in it, and it’s like… okay, then he came and it’s all over. It’s that. Michelle Yeoh is in the Boss Level one, which… she was fun to see her. She’s in the Shang-Chi, the… Marvel? I think… the Marvel movie. I have a habit of calling it the Pokémon Marvel movie, she’s in that as well. So, nice to see her. Okay… rambling almost over.

Tomorrow is the Fear of Being Naked coming out. It’s going out for free on the podcast, so make sure you find that one. For homework today, your homework is to tell me my favourite day of the week and to tell me the one cutesy word that I use for one of the days of the week. If you can do those two things you’ve met your homework. If you can’t I guess you can just randomly go back and listen to Eunoias until you find it. Good luck.

The Permissive Circumstance… sorry… okay, the Permissive Circumstance, first of all… don’t do this at work! Unless you work from home on your own device, do not do this in work, do not do this on the train, or somebody could be looking over your shoulder, though then again… really? You shouldn’t be doing a lot of the Permissive Circumstance stuff that way if it’s an action, right? Because it just leads to permission.

Okay, I learned a trick. I love to give you good things so I’m sharing it with you. If you go to Reddit… if you don’t know what Reddit is, okay… that’s part of your homework now, you’re in for a shock. If you’ve never gone onto Reddit here, just know that the first initial impression you get from it is not what you have to keep.

Like, you unsubscribe from a bunch of stuff, you subscribe to a bunch of other stuff, you kinda make it your own. Imagine going to… a buffet, and right there is everything you see but you only pick up the things you want, you can totally reconfigure it to what meets, to what you want it to be.

Mine is this amazing blend of everything. So here’s the trick… go to Reddit, and you type RandNSFW. Then, guess what you get? You get a random, yep, random… NSFW… NSFW by the way stands for Not Safe For Work… subreddit. So there, that’s your Permisive Circumstance. You have my permission today, but you only get to look at whatever Reddit gives you for entertainment. And for my entertainment, do not share the pictures! I don’t wanna see all of them on a Friday.

Well, unless you get a good one. If you get a good one and you know me, share that picture. But you need to share with me, for my entertainment, what you ended up getting. Okay, have a wonderful Friday, a wonderful weekend, enjoy tomorrow. Thanks again Meeky for joining us over in the Happy Harem, y’all need to go vote over on Patreon and I will see you for Eunoia on Tuesday, but Monday for our next MCF.

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Eunoia (November 9th) – On the Other Hand

In this episode I talk a little about Youtube, and what’s coming the next few months, without giving everything away.

The Trick and The Treat are still available in the shop. It doesn’t need to be Hallowe’en for you to enjoy them, and you don’t even have to dress up!

The first set of Affirmations sessions have been in the shop for a long time!


I’m using “Headliner” to post these episodes to YouTube and make transcripts for them. I haven’t exactly worked out all the kinks yet, so for the time being this episode doesn’t have one.

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A Useful Pocket Pet MCF

I might be spending most of my writing time this week dedicated to my various, well-trained, flirtatious sissy maids, but while one pot is allowed to come to a rolling boil, another simmers quietly on the back-burner, receiving gentle stirring so nothing sticks to the bottom.

So here’s a little meditation on my Pocket Pet, which you’ll also find in the Mind Control Fragment player today. You’ll notice the Locktober sessions have all vanished. All six can still be found as a bundle in the store, if you need them to help you enjoy November!

Eunoia will be out tomorrow, bright and early.