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The Highlight Reel – Day 27

I believe I’m over my COVID-inflicted “persistent cough” and there shouldn’t be any more interruptions in our daily training for a while.

All my Trigger Setting Sessions are in one convenient place in my shop.


This is Spoken by Elswyth, the femdom hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day 27. Wouldn’t it be nice, dear, to take some time to revisit some of the highlights of things we’ve done over the past few weeks?

In your mind, or in the flesh, find your… contrapposto. You do know how, right? Your weight on one leg. I know you did your research as I instructed. Are you imagining that axis from your foot, up through your abdomen, to the opposite shoulder?

Once you have the pose just right, you can find the breathing rhythm that works for you, a slow and steady in-and-out.

In. And Out.
In. And Out.

This pose isn’t the only thing you’ve been given as a tease, a taste of what I have in store for you. It wasn’t so long ago that you last put the Ouchie Stick to good use, and are those spots on your thighs still tender?

Soon you’ll choose, or flip a coin, and continue eagerly down one path or the other for me, and test yourself. You have some goals for yourself. Some wrapped up in your desires, and some vanilla aims, too.

I want you to work some regular listening into your other tasks and goals, now. The Dear/Darling trigger setting that you were so graciously given as part of this ongoing training, well I’m sure you’ve listened a few times, right? If you’ve been with me a while, or spent time exploring my website, then you might also have listened to Going Deeper Faster. These sessions are Foundational. They introduce triggers that I’ve used a number of times.

Do you know what makes the trigger settings work the best? Yes, regular exposure, regular conditioning. And they’re also best when reinforced. So I want you to find those sessions, those trigger settings that are important to you, and to our relationship, and I want you to make sure that they’re easily available to us.

This might be the two I’ve mentioned, and perhaps a few of my Maid Training triggers, or a version of Naughty… not right now, there’s no reason to feel pink-cheeked, Bunny…

Are you still standing, posing for me? I hope so. Even if you only envisioned being my statue, imagined it, be honest with yourself… did you relax? If you’ve managed to maintain the position I asked for as I spoke, you have my Permission for today.

Now, take your time to think it over, but make a commitment, a reasonable one, of which of these triggers you’re going to listen to on regular basis. Every other night? Twice a week? Rotating two, three, five trigger settings that you know are important to your training. Keeping these word runes glowing brightly, so I can use them in any way I please.

And if you’ve already made a commitment like this, tell me about it.

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Honesty and forgiveness – Day 26


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day 26. Now, it’s been a bit of time since you started this journey with me… and I have a small secret to reveal. We are at a milestone in this particular… uh… training series. The one that started on Day One. And do you remember how we started? Did you print out the Year Compass, or maybe fill it out digitally? Either way, I hope you gave it the time it deserved.

Today, I want you to prepare yourself for our conversation. So wherever you are I want you to put your hands on your thighs, with the palms facing up. Take a deep breath, and exhale it fully. Find a rhythm for your breathing that’s comfortable and relaxed. One that you can maintain as we, uh… talk.

That exercise, that task I set for you, taking the time to answer the questions in the Year Compass, I want you to spend some time reviewing it today. I want you to think about how you are progressing on your vanilla goals and aspirations. Or perhaps there are already some changes you’d like to make, because that is fine. And maybe not everything you wrote down is a vanilla goal, or habit… I kind-of expect that.

I’m laughing because I know what’s on my list.

But either way, this kind of process, this tool for mindfulness, it does rely on your honesty. And speaking of honesty, as you do this, I want you to pay particular attention to page… 10. Page 10 is about forgiveness, and the idea of forgiveness as it relates to power exchange play, it’s been on my mind, because you and I we know a little bit about forgiveness, right?

Now I know you’ve experienced pain for me because I asked for it. Is ask the right way to say that? Let’s go with that, it sounds so very polite. Because I asked for it. But maybe not because I felt like you deserved it. There’s catharsis in feeling those intense sensations for their own sake. But there’s a whole community of masochists, you know what let’s just call them spankos, because that’s what they call themselves, and because I fucking love that word, c’mon, it’s fun.

Spankos. Right? It’s fun.

And they know that real forgiveness, the kind that follows real discipline, visceral, painful, humiliating discipline, even… well that’s, that’s just the best kind. If you’re going to learn anything from our time together, then your honesty is a requirement.

So here’s your chance, today, to be honest. And, to seek forgiveness. Once you’ve spent your time with your Compass, you can tell me if you feel like you’ve failed in some way, with these past twenty-five days we’ve spent together. Now, I know… I know that we have a longer history, but we’re only focussing on Day One through to now.

Maybe you’ve been telling little fibs about your adherence to Permissive Circumstances, perhaps you’re only paying lip-service to the ideas in your affirmation sessions. Or perhaps, you’re Compass is still sitting on the printer tray, with not a single pencil mark upon it.

And if I feel like you need it, I’ll reach out and let you know how you can earn that forgiveness for your transgressions.

Today’s Permissive Circumstance is an exercise in… possible… frustration. You have permission for release, but you do not have permission to touch with your hands. Or even to hold a toy with them. In fact, cross your wrists behind your back while you seek orgasm.

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The Illusion of Choice – Day 25


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis Podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day 25. Now today I’m not going to have you shake yourself off like my puppy coming out of the river. Or do any particular breathing. At least, not in this listening. I know you had fun with your affirmation session yesterday. Maybe, hey… you got to the end and every single phrase it fit you like a glove.

Well, today’s Permissive Cirumstance is this. If you listen to those words again, and repeat everything you can, you have my Permissive for release. You can also consider that to be your task.

Now, on Days 22 and 23, I guided you through some acts of devotion. And you learned to please me in two very different ways. I want you to push yourself, somewhat, in one or the other of these directions. This means you will have to make a choice, and today that’s all I’m asking of you; to think about your decision. SO maybe you really want to work on your ability to hold a pose for me. Or instead, you need to impress me with how many strokes you can take.

Your choice, it might be based on your own fantasies. Or, you might opt for whichever of the two sounds most difficult. And, you might change your mind a couple of times over the next few days, and that’s okay.

And when this decision becomes particularly relevant, if you haven’t already firmly made up your mind either way, then we’ll let fate decide.

Keep using the Affirmation sessions as a way of meditation and conditioning, in short amounts of time. Using them frequently, it only makes you better. I promise.

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An affirmations teaser – Day 24

The Affirmations Teaser can be found in the shop.

If you need it, here’s a quick way back to Day 21.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The femdom hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Today is Day 24 and I’m sharing something fun with you today. Your task is to listen to a little… tease, I’ve put together for the upcoming Affirmations sessions. So right now, that little tease is in the shop, and you can probably it’s something like $9, or so. And if you use a special phrase as a coupon code you’ll get it for free.

For a while anyway. We can’t reward procrastination. That expires eventually, and if you’re listening in the future there might be some other way you can get it.

You can find the link in the show notes, and the special phrase you’ll need… well, it’s four words. And you were instructed to remember the first three back on Day 21. I’ll offer up some more clues to Patrons.

And so your task, once you’ve acquired that little affirmation session, is to find a place for some private meditation, and to listen, and repeat, and savour the words. You know, the taste of them.

Your Permissive Circumstance for today is this; you have my Permission if, you were one of those helpful boys who helped me way back in November to decide on what new Affirmations sessions to create.

Okay, go see if you know the code, and enjoy.

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Warming hearts and elsewhere – Day 23

Do your thighs need more attention from your Mistress? Left with Warm Thighs is less than half price for the rest of January.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day 23. On Day 22 you practiced being my statue. What do you think about your performance? Exquisite? Needs a bit of work?

You can always use some distraction free time to work on your pose, and your discipline. And while today, you’re gonna need further privacy still, because we’re going to exercise your Ouchie Stick.

If you’re not in a quiet and private spot right now, with stick in hand, then why not? For today you need to be sitting up, in a chair, or at the head of your bed, and you need to need to have your undies on, but your trousers off. Got that?

I already told you that we’re going to focus on some long-term goals, and by now, you should know that your ability to suffer for me, is something I crave. Even if it’s not really your thing! I ended up taking a test yesterday after feeling blah, and have joined the ranks of people with Covid, so I deserve this bit of distraction, right?

I deserve a lot of things.

And you know what, with inflicting some pain, I don’t need to be able to leave you bruised and bloodied and broken, to be personally entertained. I just need to push you up to your limits, wherever they might be.

So maybe the three… six… nine strokes you took on Day 14, maybe they were easy for you. Even insulting. Or maybe you used that honour system we’re working with to give yourself the gentlest little love-taps. It doesn’t matter to me either way. I know you’re going to test yourself as we continue down this path together.

So today you’re going to take ten strokes with the Ouchie Stick. Last time I had you on your side, but by now you should be sitting, and each strike is going to be aimed at your thighs, so spread those legs wide.

Just like yesterday’s training, and like the last time I helped you use the stick, I’m going to guide your breathing. I want you to fix your tongue behind your teeth for this exercise. Close your mouth, and I’m going to count to four as you inhale deeply. Then, you’ll hold your breath as I count down, and before I reach one, you will have used that Ouchie Stick on yourself. I will not say exactly when.

Finally, you will exhale completely through your mouth, keeping your tongue in its place… and as you do this, you can make… you can make whatever noises you need to make. Start on the right-hand side, and I’ll tell you when to switch.

[Breathing and Counting.]

Wonderful. You took that well I think, and if you feel like you didn’t really impress me, reach out and let me know. Just like yesterday, you’ve already completed today’s task.. but today’s Permissive Circumstance is to Flip… your coin. Heads, you get release today. And tails, well… that’s denial.

This might be where you learn if your token is your ally or not. See you tomorrow.

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The perfect contrapposto – Day 22

There’s a delicious MCF, where my Statue meets my Sissy Maid, on Day 15. Do you want to go back and experience it, after today’s session?

Or perhaps you would like to find my Slave Position Training session in the shop. It’s half price with the coupon code UFFIZI until the 10th of February.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis Podcast with useful training for the Submissive man.

Welcome to Day 22. Today’s session involves a spot of practice at being my statue. You will likely prefer to listen and obey in a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed. On Day 18, this was in the shower, and that might still be an option. You may also wish to be where you can see yourself in the mirror.

Now, if you’re not in that place right now, stop here, and come back when you’re ready. I’ll be waiting.

Which is really a funny statement to say, because I would probably not use that phrasing in every day life if we were playing together. You would get a much, much stronger statement.

Okay, so over the next few days, we’re going to talk about a long-term goal for these training sessions that we’ve been enjoying together. And one of those goals could be developing your ability to hold a pose for me.

This doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’ve played with Forniphilia you know some of my favourite poses. And of course, you’ve likely learned some of the details of the favourite training poses. And some of them, yeah they’re difficult to hold for a long time. But maybe you know the Waitress pose by heart?

Well today you’re going to learn a new word. See, I’m goo for your mind and your body. This word is borrowed from the Italian with a Greek influence, and you know those Mediterranean Europeans, well they know a little about sculpture.

And romance. Okay… this is a little bit of a side-track but I’m going to say it. The most romantic stranger that I met, kind-of like on a whim, was Greek. And I happened to be with two of my lady friends and three of us agreed that if he asked us to run away with him, we would. And it wasn’t even that he was the most handsome man that you could ever imagine, he was just so incredibly charming, and authentic and, ah… man. I’ve never been to Greece. I have a feeling if I go, I might stay there.

Okay, let’s get back to our word. Today you’re going to find your perfect Conntrapposto, and I mean perfect for you. You can do your own research after this first session, but for today, which ever leg you have your weight on, take the opposite arm and bend at the elbow to hold your hand out. And then, for just three minutes, I’m going to help measure your breathing.

Now as wonderful as you are, my statue, you can’t truly stand for hours without moving. You breathe, of course, and we’ve already talked a little about how your breathing will help you meditate, and maintain the mindset you need to impress me in this role.

And you’ll also shift your weight from one leg to the other, and mirror your pose perfectly each time you do, and prolong the time you can serve me this way. So today, you are going to find your perfect Contrapposto, and I mean perfect for you. You can do your own research after this first session, but for today, whichever leg you have your weight on, take the opposite arm, and bend at the elbow to hold your hand out.

And then for just three minutes, I’m going to help measure your breathing.

[Music and Counting.]

That’s three minutes, and you’ve done a great job. If practicing this way for me seems like a dream come true, I promise we’ll be here again soon. A bit of depersonalisation never hurt anyone.

You’ve completed your task today, though you should send me a polite note if you need to. Your Permissive Circumstance today is to flip… your eggs. Or a veggie-burger. Or some delicious pancakes, they can be European, or they can be American. I don’t know if there’s any other kind of pancake.

If you’ve cooked something in a skillet today, you have my Permission. And I will see you tomorrow.

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I Obey – Day 20


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Podcast with authentic hypnosis and useful training for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day 20, and courtesy of whatever… gas inspection thing, that needs to happen in my home today, today’s session is very short and sweet. We are working up towards something, like I said.

Today your task is to remember two words, okay? “I Obey”. Furthermore, your task is to find a quiet spot where you can be for about, hmmm… 5 minutes. Go through that relaxation that you know so well, and repeat those words either to the room, or in your head.

“I Obey.”

Consistency is key, right? Going back to basics can be the best thing of all.

“I Obey.”

This is the time of the year when a lot of people wobble, right? That new relationship energy with those new year’s resolutions begins to wain, but it’s not about motivation, it’s about consistency.

And the Femdom hypno is very much like that, right? It’s not like throwing on a porn video and… I was going to say wanking, but I’m not convinced I want wanking to be in the transcript but there we go, it’s going to be in the transcript twice now. It’s more, it’s deeper, right? It’s training your brain. It’s retraining some habits and so yeah… consistency. And it’s also why I know that you’re doing better than average with that new relationship energy with new year’s resolutions.

So go on, five minutes… “I Obey.”

And your Permissive Circumstance for today, it’s this… if you’ve pet a hedgehog today… already, you can’t like… run off to the petting zoo… if you’ve pet a hedgehog today, you have my permission.

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Pebble Hunting – Day 19


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Fmedom podcast with authentic hypnosis and useful training for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day 19. I have three things going on in my life, which is probably why you’re going to hear some giggling going on.

One; I have Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla coffee which is… amazing. I don’t think I’d be sold to always having flavoured coffee, but every so often this would be my go-to when I lived in the States. And I just love it.

Second thing; They are literally tearing up the road again in front of my home. I get it… when they upgrade certain things they have to like… run new whatevers, but with the number of times they tear up this road and like… cut across it, you think they’d just put grates or something there so they can just pluck ’em up.

So, if you hear some odd noises, consider it construction, training and just tune it out. Otherwise, I was never going to get to record today.

Third thing; the third thing is the main reason I am full of laughter today. I have this lipstick, and it came in this… you know how, not so much for work, but friends you might just have little gift bag for the holiday you give around to people and so on? And for one of mine I received this lipstick that is supposed to, well… I don’t know. Isuppose it’s plumping your lips, whatever.

My friend, she loves this one. I mean loooves it. I think she just might be just outing herself as a masochist because it… it isn’t horrible, but it’s very noticeable that my lips are still tingling. And I told her this, and then we both kinda laughed our assess off at the idea of like… putting it on, kinda nice and thick, turning up to a date, getting a great sloppy kiss in there, and then just watching the guy’s face.

Okay so, if you’re going on any dates any time soon, beware of tingly lipstick. Okay, none of that has anything to do with what we’re talking about today. What are we talking about today? Maybe it’s collars… or being on your knees, or how long can you edge until… until your little friend just says “Please, quit touching me.”

Or, hell… pissing yourself in the doorway. No, none of those. I mean you can still think about those things, that’s fine. Today we’re talking about things in your pockets.

So, give yourself a shake. Give yourself a deep breath in. Hold. Exhale.
Another deep breath in. Hold. Exhale.
And another, deep breath in. Hold. Exhale.

Continue breathing at your own pace, but you know… try to make it a little deeper and slower.

So, things in pockets. If you’re like me, if you put on your winter coat and put your hands in your pockets, you know what’s on the left side, what’s on the right side. Maybe you have a smaller breast pocket or so on, but you probably know, and it’s very familiar right? The keys, earbud-case, mask… oh, and of course, the phone.

Well, a bit ago I mentioned, in regards to the coin about the stones. And some part of your brain might be dealing with some FOMO there, so let me explain the stone. The purpose was to go out into nature, or Etsy, eBay, wherever, and look for a stone.

Now, I actually quite enjoy pebble hunting. When I was in North Wales I found this grey stone, and it has a perfect circle about the size of a dime, once again I’m trying to think of the British money and I can’t come up with one, so… American dime.

And maybe it’s not quite a perfect circle, but it’s very close. It’s a pale grey, on the darker grey stone. And being a Mistress, it’s a little bit like pebble hunting. You search through, you find quite a variety, you know can polish out the unnecessary bits, you can highlight the good qualities, you can smooth over a lot… but, sometimes that stone you find, that gleams so brightly at first, you find it only does so because it’s wet.

So, for today, for your task… should you find a stone? I don’t know. Let’s trust the coin to decide. Flip it, heads for yes… tails for no. And if your coin is within arm’s reach, right now, you have my Permission for Release, because you have met the Permissive Circumstance.