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Inner Resources – Day 8


I’m going to invite you to take yourself, in your mind, to that location that always feels wonderful. You know where it is, and it means it’s easy to go there with me, to the shared headspace. This same exercise, it’ll be used in an upcoming full-length session together. But I figured my dearest deserved a bit of a peek at it today. Familiarity means a session will easily take you deeper, and the effect stronger. All good things.

So before you take yourself somewhere, I want you to take yourself into relaxation.
Breath in for me. And out.
In. Out.
In. Out.

Find a good rhythm for you. Maybe give yourself that shake, like the doggo coming out of the river. Hear me, be with me. Push out everything else, and let’s be together.

So take yourself, in your mind, to a location in our shared headspace, that feels right. I can offer one that I have a special fondness for, but first, let me ask you to recite after me. Let’s see if you remember… if you know… repeat after me.

“My name is…” do you know what is said next? “My name is…”
And now… “My name is… I am bound to Elswyth.”
“My name is… I am bound to Elswyth.”
“My name is… I am bound to Elswyth.”

Feel the pleasure of those words. Go on. Do it again.
“My name is… I am bound to Elswyth.”

And now come with me, to the spot that just feels good for me, today. In this gallery of sorts. This gallery of mine, it has a tapestry on the wall. Now my pet, you can choose any temperature for the room… any flooring under your feet, any sounds in the air, because none of that matters. It’s the tapestry that you’re focused on. See a light, it illuminates the image in front of you. Drink in that scene. A man, and a woman, a font of water. The closer you get to the image, the more you can concentrate and see every detail, one-by-one. The room that these figures stand in, it’s lit by candles. A circle of meagre flames growing into a hole, together, bathing the couple in light. You can see that the man’s eyes are closed. And you note that he is floating. Floating, just a bit above the ground, or the bed… and at peace. Safe. Secure. Exactly where he wants to be. And she, she is holding a cloth, washing his face, or perhaps drying it. What ritual has been performed? See the label on this tapestry? No artist is given, but the name of this work of art is easy to read. Just two words, etched into the gold label, in familiar handwriting; “My Prize”. A proud name for a piece of art.

Art can be chiseled, painted, sculpted, made and remade until made just right. The gifts that I give to you, the word runes that keep you on the right path, memories made and remade, placed.. habits removed, added, tweaked.

So choose now a favourite place of yours in this shared headspace. A dressing room? A training room? A chair? A bed? Kneeling near a drain… a warm, open room, with an inviting bathtub? Or are we outside and not in a room at all? Maybe a useful tree being useful? A bench, placed among the flowers. A walk up the hill.

Find your place and be there for the next while, and then your task for today is to share it with me. I want to know where my pet finds himself when left to his own devices… and if you have found this place easily, and naturally, you’ve met today’s Permissive Circumstance for release. Enjoy yourself there.