CtD – Riddle, Shoutouts, News, and Fleshlights

Mistress Elswyth Checks In
Checking the Diary October 21 2020

If you can’t solve the incredibly easy riddle, give yourself a few spanks. If you love spanks, and you solved the riddle, give yourself a few spanks. If you love showing off your behind, give me a pic. Love, Mistress

If you do not consent to any type of pain punishment — drink some caffeine and TRY THE VERY EASY riddle again. If…. you do not drink caffeine.. well, I don’t know if we can be friends? Try spanks and send me a pic, I’ll decide then. Love (again), Mistress.

Eunoia & Checking the Diary – 28 Sept 2020

eunoia, Mistress Elswyth Checks In

Reflecting on last week’s Eunoia, this week’s Eunoia.. a thank you.. etc.

This week’s Eunoia will include conversational hypnosis, nail-biting, phobias, objectifying you (in the nicest of ways!), and a date night… Eunoia runs Monday through Sunday which a loose theme for each week. This week? It’s all about using you (in the nicest of ways!). Probably not for everyone. πŸ˜‰

Checking the Diary – 20th July 2020

Mistress Elswyth Checks In

Cookie has affirmed my love of good butts by sharing this twitter account with me. It’s witty and fun.. and full of museum bums…

Now on to Checking the Diary!

Learn more about A Simple Game here.

Checking the Diary – Monday 15th June

Mistress Elswyth Checks In

Dear followers,

The website will be getting an overhaul over the next few weeks. It should allow for greater clarity on the files (including disclaimers/warnings). It is also the perfect excuse for why I’ve fallen behind on keeping it updated! I do have many updates public here .

I do like the idea of eventually hosting all of my content in this spot, on SpokenByElswyth. It’s just allowing my creative muse to do its thing.. to decide how it should look and function. I like Patreon and what it offers, but I crave more of a flowing interaction with those who also crave it. I have KiK, plus gmail/google chat.. but.. maybe we can work out something creative in this space at some time?

Ah, anyway, none of that is in this Checking the Diary. It is more about who I am and what I choose to offer. It is about relationships, yet maybe not in a way you’d expect.