CtD – Riddle, Shoutouts, News, and Fleshlights

Mistress Elswyth Checks In
Checking the Diary October 21 2020

If you can’t solve the incredibly easy riddle, give yourself a few spanks. If you love spanks, and you solved the riddle, give yourself a few spanks. If you love showing off your behind, give me a pic. Love, Mistress

If you do not consent to any type of pain punishment — drink some caffeine and TRY THE VERY EASY riddle again. If…. you do not drink caffeine.. well, I don’t know if we can be friends? Try spanks and send me a pic, I’ll decide then. Love (again), Mistress.

Eunoia & Checking the Diary – 28 Sept 2020

eunoia, Mistress Elswyth Checks In

Reflecting on last week’s Eunoia, this week’s Eunoia.. a thank you.. etc.

This week’s Eunoia will include conversational hypnosis, nail-biting, phobias, objectifying you (in the nicest of ways!), and a date night… Eunoia runs Monday through Sunday which a loose theme for each week. This week? It’s all about using you (in the nicest of ways!). Probably not for everyone. 😉