Checking the Diary – 20th July 2020

Mistress Elswyth Checks In

Cookie has affirmed my love of good butts by sharing this twitter account with me. It’s witty and fun.. and full of museum bums…

Now on to Checking the Diary!

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Checking the Diary – Monday 15th June

Mistress Elswyth Checks In

Dear followers,

The website will be getting an overhaul over the next few weeks. It should allow for greater clarity on the files (including disclaimers/warnings). It is also the perfect excuse for why I’ve fallen behind on keeping it updated! I do have many updates public here .

I do like the idea of eventually hosting all of my content in this spot, on SpokenByElswyth. It’s just allowing my creative muse to do its thing.. to decide how it should look and function. I like Patreon and what it offers, but I crave more of a flowing interaction with those who also crave it. I have KiK, plus gmail/google chat.. but.. maybe we can work out something creative in this space at some time?

Ah, anyway, none of that is in this Checking the Diary. It is more about who I am and what I choose to offer. It is about relationships, yet maybe not in a way you’d expect.



Checking the Diary with Mistress Elswyth – 1 June 2020

Mistress Elswyth Checks In

Listen now.

Hello lovelies! Today’s diary check-in includes an update on works in progress, plus a bit of name-dropping to thank my lovely men. What is life like as a hypnotist dominatrix? Well, it includes putting off work to play frisbee with my dog. Maybe that’s not the exotic answer you wanted?

The patreon poll and discussion has given me so much inspiration for new hypnosis fantasies and other forms of erotic hypnotherapy. I love the direction we’ll be going this month together.

If you haven’t set your June token yet, be sure to listen to the session below and do so. Kudos to those sending in their accountability photos. The amethyst token is near to my heart, I love both purple and green amethyst. It did lead me on a short bunnytrail of “Is amethyst a rock or crystal?” to see if it met the requirement.

The affirmations are coming…

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Fun, right?

I’m truly enjoying making these fun fetish-specific affirmation files to share with you.

However… the sissy one? That one is never, ever, ever going public. Too many things that your Mistress gets to say that don’t need to hit the RSS. If you want to hear me say “I am a <insert very naughty thing here>” you’ll have to get the patreon file! I do say that I am a pretty girl and that one is just fine.

I have no doubt my sissy pal had a grand time helping me with that list, fully knowing that he’d get to hear me say every single one!

Go listen.

-Mistress Elswyth

Shameless Self Promotion – Rate this Podcast

Mistress Elswyth Checks In, Podcast

The song that I’m loving lately is Under the Table by Fiona.

“I would beg to disagree, but begging disagrees with me.”

Under the Table – Fiona Apple

I lived in the deep south of the US for quite a while and love the polite phrases like “bless your heart” and “he’s special”.

The off-handed condenscending nickname of “Cookie” is going to be a new go-to for me. I’ll have to try it on Bunny when he’s not hitting his goals, although so far he’s been spot-on.

Or maybe for a certain naughty guy that corrected me the other day and it resulted in the image below.

Actual punishment homework by an actual cheeky guy handed out by Yours Truly.

All that to say, I had to add “shameless” in the title of this post but the truth is that I’m pretty shameless 24/7. I know proper etiquette and the time & a place for everything, yet … yet … I don’t buy into false politeness. I think it gets written off as being An American here in my British life and that’s fine.

I know it puzzles my dear vanilla friends when they launch into yet-another rant about their partners and I don’t jump in. I can’t complain about dishes when I never do them. I can’t fuss about awful sex when I get exactly what I demand from someone. I also can’t commiserate over a lack of romance when my inbox, as well as my mailbox, regularly has warm, genuine affectionate notes in there. I know where they’re coming from and I remember that kind of relationship, although it seems like a lifetime ago.

I’ve explained, without using the phrase, how a FLR works for my life. One in particular finds it outrageous that I’m so “blunt” (her words) with my requirements. I think it just saves everyone a whole lot of hassle to know in advance what is and isn’t acceptable. It deftly avoids petty arguments as well. It may be seen as being shameless or brazen yet the intimacy is amazing and I’m a well-grounded Mistress. My friends see me as spoiled. I love it.

The shameless self-promotion is to ask a few of you to try out the RateThisPodcast feature. I’m on the fence about the service itself and figure this is a great way to try it out. Right?

Checking the Diary – Monday, May 18th 2020

Mistress Elswyth Checks In

Checking the Diary is a quick, 5 minute spin through Mistress Elswyth’s calendar and journal notes. Topics include upcoming files, feedback from current files, shout-outs to lovely men, and what’s going on with Mistress.

It is a time for us to connect in an informal way to be sure we’re all on the same page or at least in the same book. Checking the Diary happens on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Monday will give Early Access patrons a hint of what to expect for Friday’s Shared Daydream. Wednesday is used for a midweek meeting. Friday is for wrapping up the week and discussing the newest file.