Saturday Femdom Sleep Hypnosis and Eunoia

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Yes.. this is late(r than normal..).

I hope everyone had (or is having!) a fantastic Saturday. For me, it involved escaping to the woods in a nature reserve previously unknown to me. The land was reclaimed from a landfill and now has a bog, pond, streams, meadow, etc. All in all not a bad way to spend a few hours on a Saturday.

Due to all of the BS going on in the world — and a very sweet note from a YouTube follower – I’ve decided to release the sleep hypnosis session publically.. a bit earlier than I expected. My patrons have given me great reviews so I’m sure others will feel the same.

It is called Lumber Slumber and uses a tree as a natural eco-friendly way to explore some sleep bondage. If you have a fear of heavy limb hypnosis, this is likely not for you. The same for claustraphobia, it may be unpleasant (so far that hasn’t been the feedback.. but use your own judgement!). As always, I recommend doing one of the safeword setting sessions prior to any of my hypno sessions.

Safeword session:

Lumber Slumber:

Circles within Circles – Submit and Expand

Remaking You

A new session. It is long, so leave it for a time when you can thoroughly enjoy it plus the warmth after…

Circles within Circles

This session is for the submissive that wants to explore. To submit *and* expand upon interests, talents, and their sense of self. It is leading without being too forceful. You may be exposed to ideas that you reject outright as not being right for you and that’s permitted here, you are learning about yourself.  I will nudge you into openness and exploring. I will encourage growth.

The ideas contained within are adult and most are highly sexual in nature. As you know, I love a well-rounded submissive so it’s not all about kink or fetish. Hypnotic fantasy has many parts the same goes for femdom hypnosis.

The next patron-only session to be released is going to be focused entirely on fetish ideas. Spending some time on your mind, preparing you for what is to come, is necessary. You want this and it’s okay to be a bit nervous, but I’ll take care of you.

This is NOT a vanilla session by any stretch of the imagination. **The phrase “submit and expand” is placed in a willing mind.** This phrase will allow for a wider selection of play sessions and training between us.

Isn’t that nice?

Thursday Eunoia (be sure to start with Monday)

Affirmations, Daily Deepening Practice, eunoia, Remaking You

We’re heading through our first week of September. How is it treating you? For those who claimed it is spanking their butt — is that a good spanking, maintenance spanking, or the “yowch” type?

Take a listen to today’s word. We continue to build our phrase.

Inner Child – Introduction & Rediscovery

Remaking You


Pre-pandemic, I spent the weekend with a charming submissive man. He’s someone that I’ve had weekends away with prior so we’d already gotten over any first meeting awkwardness and such. We decided to visit a city that would be new to both of us, yet offer plenty to do within it so no car necessary.. no pre-planning tickets, etc. Instead, most of the time spent outside of the hotel room was spent just deciding, on the go, what we should do or see. Casual and easy.

We ended up visiting an indoor market with almost everything you can imagine inside of it. While browsing, he kept finding the quirkiest toys and doing his “hey, hey, look at THIS one, look!” stage whisper at me. It was endearing and beyond cute because it was all about him trying to be adorable (and we both knew it). At the bookstore, I requested that he pick out a colouring book — NOT one of those mindful meditation ones, but something ridiculous with trains and firetrucks, plus a set of crayons. I do give him credit for trying to stick to the ones that wouldn’t make him blush when it was time to pay for it. I also give him props for not doing what I think most would have done in his shoes and say “the nephew is sure gonna love this one..” or whatnot. Ha. Maybe he thought that I’d out him in front of the cashier?

When we returned to the room, he assumed we’d return to our frolicking fun with ropes and grown-up toys. Instead, I encouraged (ha) him to stretch out on his tummy and colour in a page. There’s something about colouring that can be incredibly relaxing. I’m sure there’s the odd person out there that dislikes it, but many adults haven’t tried it in ages. In his over-worked, over-stressed, and over-stretched life it was unlikely he would ever have given ANY time to it.

When it became an order, he allowed himself that time.

It opened up a new way of connecting to each other. It also provided me with a way to be close between sessions. I could guilt-free read the paper on Sunday morning while he kept busy with crayons. We both felt completely intertwined yet still had a recovery space. Similar to bondage, when the bottom has all movement restricted, blindfold on and music (or white noise) playing in headphones — I’m usually touching that person or close enough they can move a foot or hand slightly and touch me… but I’m also using that time to recover or plan or whatever it is that can only happen when you’re able to “stop” that way.

The inner child session is one that blends together useful work with playful imagination. You may find yourself understanding others in a new way. You may do work that allows you to feel truly connected with your entire self. For some listeners, bits of the session may be useful, yet for you it is mostly about recognizing that inner child.

Or, hey, being able to let out that inner child and enjoy things like the upcoming Bedtime Story early release. I’m still trying to find just the right music for that one! It’s a whimsical fun story told in a gentle, light-hearted way. If the response is positive, it will be the first of a few that work inside of that theme.

Speaking of playful things, if you’re good at puzzles… you need to listen to S Invitation (a voice in the background session) and check out the Patreon forum conversation. Apparantly, it helps to be a little tipsy. Who knew?

Finally, this session is unlikely to create strong, negative feelings. You are guided into this session with the knowledge that any memories or thoughts you bring up are unable to hurt you. Like all of my sessions, use your judgement if it is an appropriate one for you. Do the tunnel of light or castle keep session to set your safeword, knowing that you can use either of these at any time, in any session.

If you have questions about it, contact me and I’ll give you my $.02 on if it is a good fit. If you don’t want to revisit *any* memories, yet still want to enjoy the fun of creating a space and letting go, being silly… suggest it as a session. If others want it too, we can create something that is fitting. I’m always open to suggestions, as long as everyone remembers that they’re only suggestions.

Mistress Elswyth