Chastity and SPH – Shared Daydream – Explicit Femdom Hypno

Shared Daydreams

Part B “Release” Available Here.

It is time to experience chastity.

Have a device fitted especially for you and controlled by Mistress. This decadently erotic shared daydream takes you down the path of humiliation with a sprinkling of cuckolding.

You’ll need a private spot for this file, one where you can rest comfortably and won’t be interrupted. You may also need to sit on those naughty hands of yours to keep from touching.

You will be a good boy, won’t you?

**Note** On Friday there will be an Early Access release. My loyal lads will have early access to the file telling them exactly how to find release from chastity. Sound fun? Join in.

Reflection In the Mirror – Femdom – Daily Deepening Practice

Daily Deepening Practice, Shared Daydreams

Hello lovelies! Come meet me in the mirror and we’ll work on your obedience. This file is for the good boys that want to let Mistress control their minds and their bodies. Is that you? Of course it is. Let’s go play.

Wandering Hands

Shared Daydreams

A shared daydream of femdom hypnosis.. where delightful hands (yours included) touch in all the right places. You’ll need privacy for this one.