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Voice in the Background: Violet

Voice in the Background

This is the first stone in the Sabriel pillar. It is a voice in the background session, not hypnosis. Instead, it is a way for us to build a connection outside of our hypnotic session. The story of Sabriel will be an ongoing slow seduction. The story of a man who thought he was in an average, everyday relationship. It won’t be for everyone, it is for those love to indulge in the fantasy of being caught and manipulated by a clever Mistress.

The music for this session is bespoke and made entirely for this series. I’m debating if it should be reserved for only Voice in the Background sessions or perhaps for the Sabriel sessions?

And tomorrow.. fingers crossed.. our bondage session will be released on Patreon.

Femdom Storytelling: The Ball of Light

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Written by Tony, Spoken by Elswyth.

I know you will enjoy this delightful tale written by one of my talented followers. It is early access right now – available to Patrons and for sale on here. It will be available publically… later… some day…

The story borrows from one of the Eunioa themes of playing with a ball of light. And of playing with *you*. The audio is 14 minutes long.

Let Me Count the Ways You Drop into Lust

Voice in the Background

Previously early access, now publically available. Enjoy!


This is a voice in the background session. It isn’t hypnosis, although I know some of you drop easily at the sound of my voice or certain background music. I do have aftercare included at the end of the session. However, if you should find that you feel stuck or unable to be fully awake after this session, contact me. I do have an awakener session available that is simply for moments when you’ve taken yourself deep and need your cobwebs cleared. 

This session may be too intense for some followers. It is geared towards fantasies of being used, sexually, for Mistress’s unending pleasures. The scenes include examples of being objectified, mind warped to want what the population at large may consider distasteful. Topics include: mentally bound during sex, forced orgasms, edging/gooning, denial/cuck with mind warping, and queening. It may include name calling. It may also include some sensation pain, although nothing too painful. 

If you are a newcomer to SbE, you may get the wrong impression from this session. My interests are varied. My subs are important to me and I often focus on physical and mental wellness. I also encourage pleasure through creativity, service, and loving others. I’m happy to be a hardass, but it doesn’t define me. I’m tickled by being greedy and taking what is mine, yet I’m just as likely to insist on a PJ night where you’re snuggled close to listen to a favourite album with me. I insist that you do not create an image of me that is fake because, love, it’ll ruin all of our fun. Your trust in me and my connection with you is required for us to go deeper and create the vivid experiences that your Mistress craves… Experiences that feel more like memories than simply a session you heard in your ears. 

Let’s count the ways that you drop into lust. Into desire beyond simply wanting. No, wanting isn’t nearly a strong enough word to describe this feeling. Let me count the ways that I control you through your body as well as your  mind.

Voice in the Background Session

Now released — Mind Games LMCtW E1

Voice in the Background

www.patreon.com/spokenbyelswyth – find the not public, early access, etc sessions here, the lowest tier gives you complete access. Personalised files are SOLD OUT (sorry!). Patron limit is currently set to 50 to allow for plenty of personalised attention.

Previously Early Access, now set to public. The OTHERS in this series will be placed directly into a Google Doc folder and not available publically due to their .. um.. fun content.

Part of the Mind Games: LMCtW Series — this is a voice in the background session. Perfect to listen to when you can’t go into trance. The rules are simple: no pens, paper, pencils or note-taking of any kind. Don’t be a cheater.

If the stars have aligned correctly, the Mind Games: LMCtW Episode Sexual Whimsical Wonderings will be available today for Early Access on Patreon.

Saturday – Eunoia

eunoia, Voice in the Background

A welcome weekend break for many of my loves. Yet, I know a few of you hold down weekend jobs. What are you doing with your Saturday .. other than thinking of me? hmm?

“Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry”

The Muse – A Voice in the Background Session – Listen to anytime, not hypnosis.. just pleasure.

Friday – Eunoia

eunoia, Voice in the Background
The S Invitation – for the non-masochists..
For the sensation seekers (or masochists..)

The Sensation Play 3 Objects Session has the finger snap & counting trigger as its prequel. Be sure to use that session prior to this one. It’s worth it. If you’re on the fence about sensation play, spend the time on a safeword setting session. The Tunnel of Light session is public and I have another that is for patron members.

If you have a safeword place, word, sensation, etc that you’d like to recommend please do so.

Tryst – A Voice in the Background File

Voice in the Background

This file is for listening to during your daily life. It is a voice in the background file meant to simply bring us closer. You won’t need privacy or a comfy chair, although comfy chairs are nice anyway. You will need to be careful that you don’t blush. Do you blush easily, pet?