New Releases

Bound for Release has been re-written, re-recorded and re-released for your listening pleasure.

If you’ve purchased this session previously, you’ll find the new version on your My Downloads page. Patrons can claim it for free any time in June.

More New Erotic Hypnosis Sessions

Coming Soon

There are always a dozen sessions I’m working on. Some are close to completion, others are a Post-it note with perhaps a title and a reminder of a yummy thought.

The sessions listed below are those I’m actively working on, with a view to release them in the next few weeks.

Prissy – Mirror Training

Prissy the Sissy Maid won’t be serving me directly, today. Instead, she will see to her own continuing education in her dressing room.

Let’s not be coy; this session explores the type of fun you might have with a suction cup dildo. It will be presented with two variations, because Prissy has two holes to train.

Expected June

Pixie – Attention Please

My flirtatious French Maid Pixie wants my attention.
And she doesn’t really mind if she receives positive attention, or something else entirely.

This session will be presented in a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style. I’ll graciously allow my listeners to select one path through the story, that everyone will get to hear. Or you can choose to unlock the whole experience, with four different endings and several variations.

Expected July