Personalized Mind Control Fragment Loyalty Reward


A personalised mind control fragment; this session can be anything you need it to be.


I’ve been creating erotic hypnosis sessions for over a year and some of my earliest work included sessions split into multiple pieces, whether to offer a choice, or simple to surprise.
When a Patron suggested swirling hypnotic suggestion he could listen to while on his knees (gardening!) it swiftly led to the creation of Mind Control Fragments and they’ve been very well received.

I’ve been looking for an opportunity to create more customized content, like the Spring Sleep Session from earlier this year. I’m offering a personalized MCF to my loyal Patrons, and also presenting it to you.

The little things…

The Fragment will be personalised with details you provide. On purchase you will be directed to a simple questionnaire where you will help craft your unique session.

Your personalised session will arrive by email, or shared privately through Google Drive if too large. If I need more information before the session can be finalised, I’ll be in touch.

The session will use be presented similarly to the other fragments you will have heard, with the same music and gentle fade-out, they will be typically be between 5 and 8 minutes long.