Sabriel – Violet


Let my words slip into the background. I’ll tell you how I’ll seduce my captured man, my Sabriel. Are you ready to follow?


Violet is a lilting, meandering ode to my hypnotized, mesmerized man. My Eternal Suitor. My Sabriel.

It hints at what I’m looking for in my captured man.
It suggests how I’ll seduce him.
It let’s you know how far I’ll take you, and dares you to follow.

Voice in the Background – Subliminal Erotic Hypnosis

This is not a typical erotic hypnosis session that takes you into trance and demands your full attention. Instead it’s something that my dear Sabriel can listen to any time. Allow the music to wash over you. Let my words slip into the background. Know that every listen makes it easier to slip into this state of mind for me.

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