Personalized: Hypnotic Sleep Session Loyalty Reward


A personalised sleep hypnosis session that encourages guided dream creation.


This session focuses on dream creation. It isn’t my goal to spell out the entire dream story for you. We are planting the seeds that can be watered nightly and grow as they will. 

Some nights they may turn into a full lush garden while other nights only one or two plants sprout. You will experience different dreams based upon what your subconscious knows you need.

For Your Ears Only sessions are personalised with details you provide. On purchase you will be directed to a simple questionnaire where you will help craft your unique session.

A few days after you have answered the questions, your personalised session and aftercare notes arrive in a private shared-only-with-Mistress folder. If I need more information before the session can be finalised, I’ll be in touch.

The session will use bespoke music and while the length will vary, they will be between 30 and 45 minutes long.

The session will include hypnotic induction and deepener, and end with an implicit instruction to fall into restorative sleep.