Intimate Chastity: Two Doors, One Choice



You’ve come this far, endured that period of denial with a brave face, and now Mistress has presented you with a choice. You can select your fate, or perhaps leave it to chance.

These sessions are the final instalments in our chastity series. The first session is Becoming Clean which is followed by Renewed.

The session includes: Two 30 minute audio files, each with at least 25 minutes of speaking. Hypnotic induction and shared visualisation. Movement, and instruction to masturbate.

The session does not include: Punishment, name-calling or humiliation.

18+ Only

Length: Two 30 minute files

Themes: Femdom, Chastity, Tease & Denial, Release

Triggers: Finger Snaps (Going Deeper Faster)

Background Music: Fireside

All participants are encouraged to listen to a safeword setting session prior to any hypnotic sessions. Tunnel of Light is the free version available to all. Castle Keep can be found in the shop or Patreon. Castle Keep is set within Mistress Elswyth’s shared reality.

These sessions are also available on Patreon.