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March 3rd Eunoia – Shout out, astral projection, vibration – Naughty & Nice 2021 Goal Words

femdom hypnosis goddess worship

Today’s Eunoia includes a shout out for an “act of service”.

How about a bit of astral projection to start your Wednesday? This may end up being the theme for the next Happy Harem session if enough ask for it. First, tho, we’re doing sleeeeep.

In dreams, the images in the mind, in the subconscious, merge with and obliterate the perceptions from the astral senses, in a similar way that in daily life the subconscious causes the external world to be perceived with the colourations of thoughts, feelings, images, and emotions; in other words, we daydream or get lost in thoughts.”

– Belsebuub

Oh.. and I have included a permissive circumstance for those craving approvals for release. You might find it challenging to meet this one!

Love, M.E.

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March 1st Eunoia

femdom hypnosis goddess worship

For March, we are using vibrations and meditations to focus on our naughty and nice words.

Do you remember those? At the end of 2020, I asked for you to share goal words or phrases with me but required you to send one of each. The response has been fantastic and they continue to trickle in.

Each day, you will be reminded to sit in the same way. If you are unable to do so, simply imagine yourself in that position. You do have a marvellous imagination. I should know, I help fuel it.

I will also ask that you hum. Now, if you’re in a place where you’re unable to make any noise that’s fine. You and I know that you’ll find a time in your day. After all, it’s not as if humming is something to hide. People do it all of the time, but you will be humming for a purpose.

And.. for those that love it, you will find permissive circumstances sprinkled throughout like unexpected, yet welcome, spring showers. Permissive circumstance refers to meeting a requirement to get *ahem* “release”. Different situations, stipulations and other whimsy things will be set out for you.

After the spoken word, there is a short period of music to use for reflection. This month’s Eunoia has no bell tone, instead, the fading of the music is your cue to wrap up your devotion time.

Subscribe so you don’t miss future sessions, like because it’s polite, and comment to let me know how you’re getting on (and, y’know, if you met the permissive circumstance).

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Introducing Eunoia’s March theme…

goddess worship femdom hypnosis
Click “Like” and make Mistress happy. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy

For March, we will explore the entire Naughty & Nice word collection as our theme. But simple word fixation isn’t all I want. Listen to this intro so you know what I expect from you.

Remember to request your penis enhancement session through Patreon – .. and… later the link will go up for the free personalised sleep session request.

It’s going to be a brilliant month.