Forest Bathing in the Shared Headspace Deluxe Edition


Experience the powerful effects of Forest Bathing in two new ways. Become addicted to these feelings and sensations through post-hypnotic suggestion.


Experience the powerful effects of Forest Bathing in two new ways. These sessions allow you to soak in all the positive effects of a walk in the woods through hypnotic trance and visualisations.

And this isn’t any mundane forest. This is part of my vast headspace that I’ve shared with you. A place you will find familiar. A place you might return to with less pure urges in the future.

A Deluxe Edition Femdom Hypnosis Session

You will receive the original Forest Bathing session, free of the lengthy podcast introduction. This session makes use of new, relaxing ambient music paired with stereo field recordings. This soundscape is perfect for listening through headphones.

Two new versions of the session will create additional positive associations with an already pleasurable experience. Will you choose to use this rustic setting to help you find a wonderful night’s sleep? Or will you allow me to guide you to your own ideal fantasy, and grant you permission for release in this idyllic setting?

Become Addicted your Mistress Through Hypnosis

Post-hypnotic suggestion will guide you back to these sessions and all wonderful things they offer you.

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