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Saturday Session – Heady HFO With Breath Play

I’ve had a productive October, enjoyed creating some fun sessions, and some genuinely useful sessions, but I desperately wanted to release something deeply gratifying, and so this Saturday Session is just pure smut.

Check out the trailer right here, then if you’re dying to find out more follow along to the shop and I’ll tell you everything there is to know.

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Midweek Update

If you are enjoying the challenge of Locktober, but don’t like to go entirely without, then you might like A Little Locktober Tease. There’s four of these Mind Control Fragments and all of them encourage you to stroke for a while. And they all tie in with the Marshmallow trigger, which will help you get through the month if you’re flagging!

Eunoia might be postponed a few more days. I’m eager to put out a few real (full-length) sessions before the end of the month and need to focus in on writing and recording them. There’s still only one of me. At the moment, the plan is to focus on our Breathing on Saturday the 23rd.

At the end of the month I plan to release a pair of sessions that tie in with the Sabriel trigger set in The Eternal Suitor. These are pure erotic hypnosis fantasy sessions, that sink deep down into that kink and revel in what makes it special. If you want a taste for what’s in store, by all means revisit The Apartment.

If you’re dying for a Permissive Circumstance today, well… today you absolutely have my permission as long as you’re listening to my voice. Be sure to let me know what helped you finish, because that’s my motivation to keep writing!

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Be More Bold

This Saturday Session is a confidence boost. It begins with a gentle guided meditation induction, focusing on a pendulum.

The session itself will help you alleviate fears of failure, and feelings that others think negatively of you. In short, it’s all about feeling emotionally bold.

This session uses the Going Deeper Faster trigger setting that you can find in the shop, as well as in the Beginner Bundle. Be More Bold also uses the visualisation of a whirlpool as part of the hypnotic induction. It might not be suitable for listeners with a fear of dark, deep or open water.

This session was chosen by my Patrons in a poll. The other session, “Fear of Being Naked” will be released next month.

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Eunoia (October 15th), Authentic Submission and Being the Prop

In this chapter I talk about old telephone answering machines and ramble for longer than I should.


Today is Friday, and this is Eunoia, Spoken by Elswyth. Eunoia is all about our connection outside of our sessions together. Send me your messages through Patreon or the website to be included in the “listen” section and continue on to “obey” for homework and permissive circumstances and so on. If you’re unfamiliar with permissive circumstances, go to my website and read some more there.

So a warm welcome to Eric and Michael with an “A” for joining my happy harem here on Patreon. Welcome in. I had lots of messages from tidy boys and most of them, well, most might be an understatement. Most of them didn’t seem genuinely excited about the idea of wearing a stained shirt, one patron in particular, he mused over the question of if he continued on with his own personal growth if it would make him well, I guess, if it would rid him of his desire to do things, that make him uncomfortable, for others.

Now in the everyday life and the outside world, that mundane that we refer to, probably yeah. But in this shared headspace or in realms of consent, of this power exchange, probably not. What you’re describing, and if you feel the same way, dear listener, then this applies to you too, is an authentic submissive mindset. You feel good when you’re doing something for someone else and you feel even better when it’s tied up with your sexuality and I don’t think most people will ever totally shake that. Partly because you won’t want to.

I’m not saying of course, that you have to be some kinkster in order to appreciate the good feelings that come from doing something for someone else. I’m just saying, when it’s tied up with lust, that’s a whole different ball game and we’re all mature enough to understand the difference between our everyday life interactions and our consensual adult ones. So this is also a little bit, well it’s distinct from the other kind of submissive guy that I see who has a particular kink or fetish or a predilection for a powerful, strong, dominant woman.

But, and this one drives me batshit crazy, but the woman, they always want her to perform a certain role in a scene. It is being the prop. It is the telephone sat on the table. It is the – I’m trying to think of some other props. I have to confess here. For my unwinding every so often, I’ve been rewatching Seinfeld and, oh, wow. I didn’t watch the early Seinfeld. I don’t have no idea when I came into watching Seinfeld but a few of the artifacts in there are, they’re just hilarious to me to see them.

Now, you totally forget that some of these things had existed, like using somebody else’s phone, and we’re way off the topic of fetish here, but using somebody else’s phone, to call your answering machine. I remember when that came out, just thinking that was some kind of voodoo or something.

Anyway. So, so the second group of person, and I’m not saying it’s bad per se. Especially, if the other person, the top that you have in the scene, is fine with it. But if you have to constantly – if you constantly just want the one thing and the other person only performs the one role, it’s, it’s completely different. And people can get that, obviously, from me, you can just stay in one of the particular pillars and be like, “This is where I belong”. You know, “I’m Margaret” or a “Pixie”. Man, I would take a house full. I would take a house full of Margarets and Pixies and others today. That just sounds like fun.

But it is different than the person who has this overall submissive role that they have adopted and part of the reason why this is actually on my mind is I would say about a quarter of the messages I get are very, very prescriptive. Very, “This is exactly what I’m looking for. Can you do this?” Which is fine. A lot of great ideas come from that, but I will say like the other bit, the other three quarters that this is focused on wanting training and wanting to cultivate and continue to grow that authentic submissive side that perhaps you’ve seen others and, you know, right.

You’re like, “Yeah, but what is he doing? How does he do that?” Or you’ll meet somebody in your everyday life that you want to be around them and long after you’re done having a conversation or whatever else, you still remember them because of the way they made you feel.

So I’ve been mulling this over, partly because it is dark when I take my doggo for a walk in the morning. So it just gives me plenty of time to be in my own little quiet world and think. I’ve been slotting in a collection of different sessions and almost seeing how these things would connect in together to make my, ideal is a little bit of a lofty word, isn’t it. But to create and to mold my perfect everyday companion. So, yeah, he can, he can adopt some of the Sabriel concepts or, the Pixie ones or the Prissy ones. He can do all those things, right. He can – he loves the rope, when I say I have to try this new kind of tie, he’s like, “Yes Mistress, let’s go do that.” You know, and we try out things or if I have, you know, a new cane, cause I do love how those lines line up and do that. He’s also right into it for “it”, but for everyday life, for, “Let’s go down to the shop and grab some milk,” the person walking along beside me, there is a personality type. There is a submissive that I want for that.

So I am going to have a series of things that are coming out. That’s basically going to tell you how to do so. I just can’t think of a fucking name for it. What would you call it? Is that personal growth? Is that foundations, is that – should I just call it Sabriel and it’s Sabriel without the taking him under and doing naughty things to him side? You tell me. That’s your homework: what would you call that?

Or would you just call it, “Elswyth Submissive Training?” Because it does include everything. Taking care of your mind, your body, walking, moving with grace, having compassion, working on those listening skills. It has all of that. It’s a personality tune up, perhaps. Anyway, that’s your homework. Let me know what you would title something like that and where you feel it would slot into our pillars.

Oh, Speaking of sessions, “Be more bold”. That is the personal growth session that’s on my Patreon poll. So that’s going to be released tomorrow as the Saturday session. If you were hoping the “Fear of Being Naked” session would win. It’s going to come out some time next month. I promise it’s done. It’s just waiting there. And if that makes you feel antsy, well, marshmallow. Marshmallow, you can be a patient pet. 

Okay. So our listen and obey kind of got mixed up in there, but that’s okay. It’s Friday, Fri-yay, right. Tomorrow, enjoy that session. Enjoy be more bold. I truly loved creating it for you.

And your Permissive Circumstance, your permissive circumstance is this. If – it’s going to require going outside, and if you can’t go outside, maybe you could substitute TV. If on your walk outside, a normal walk for you, don’t go 20 miles or something, you can see five pumpkin’s, you have my permission. And if it’s locktober for you, you have my permission to continue on being denied.

Okay. Download the session tomorrow and I will see you on Monday.

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Eunoia (October 14th), Tidy Boys and Fair Food

In this instalment I talk about condiments. Stick with me, it’s fun.


Today is Thursday, and this is Eunoia, Spoken by Elswyth. Eunoia is all about the connection between us outside of our playtime together. Send your notes through Patreon or the SpokenByElswyth website to be included in the Listen section and continue on to Obey for the homework, permissive circumstance, and so on.

Yesterday I forgot to mention a quick thank-you to Elijah for supporting me on Patreon. Some people reach out immediately when they join Patreon, and others don’t… I could send them a message through Patreon, but it’s more fun to say “Hi” this way. This is an auditory experience, after all.

So I have two Personal Growth sessions recorded, and they are entitled “Be More Bold” and “Fear of Being Naked”. These are both confidence-building sessions of different types, and they’re both a little bit naughty, mostly because learning should be fun.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve offered them both up to my Patrons, and they’re voting on which one will be released on Saturday. For those of you doing Locktober, I’m guessing you wish you could be released on Saturday! The other will come next month some time or so on… so that Patreon poll is ticking along, and you can head over that way if you want to see where the votes are leaning at this time.

Okay, and in Listen I was going to share an interesting little tidbit, ummm… story… about humiliation play and it stuck with… sorry, it always, always makes me laugh because I can so easily see the two types of people that I’m about to describe to you… so, with humiliation play… and it’s about what totally mortifies one person, and how the same thing can be used by another one to be just, hilarious fun.

I know this is yet another reason why I appreciate all of those thoughts and feelings that get so freely shared with me. Don’t remember that particular line? “All of my thoughts and feelings belong…”

Yeah most of you know it. If you don’t, you’ve missed a session, or two.

Anyway, the reason this story stuck with me is that it talks about using ketchup and mustard with two, very different, bottoms. So I’m imagining the image of these two bottoms. One… one pet is sent to do an errand with ketchup and mustard stains on his shirt. Now for this pet, this is enough to destabilise him completely, and instil those squirmy feelings in him as he does errands. And by the time that boy makes it back, yeah… he’s going to be ready to truly get played with.

And now, the other bottom? Well, you hand him a bottle of mustard and a bottle of ketchup and he’s gonna squirt them both all over himself while yelling “I’m a hotdog! I’m a hotdog!”

So tell me, honestly, no fibbing… which type of bottom are you? No, we’re not playing that there’s a spectrum… right now, you have to say, and we’re going to say that this is also your homework, which type of pet are you? A tidy boy, who can’t bear to go out with some stains on his shirt? Or ummm… fair food? Let me know.

And for the Permissive Circumstance, if Locktober applies to you, no permission from me and if not… okay… five minutes. I told you yesterday that five minutes can seem like a long time, remember? That’s your limit, so start whenever you’re comfortable, but from the moment you touch yourself, five minutes is all you get.

And be sure to let me know how that went for you, because I need to know if tomorrow should be four minutes, or seven.

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Eunoia (13th October), Reasons to Be Cheerful

In this segment, those quietly playing Permissive Circumstance are revealed, and I explain my absence yesterday.

You can find the Naughty Bunny (Caught Masturbating) Trigger Setting here.


Today is Wednesday and this is Eunoia, Spoken by Elswyth. I’ll say ahead of time, if I sound like I’ve just inhaled a bunch of pepper, or I’m having an allergy attack or something else, the actual reason is way more mundane… I just finished a sad book. And I’ve been waiting and waiting to not sound stuffy any more, and that’s apparently never going to happen. So I figure, you know, we’ll just persevere.

I promise, there’s nothing wrong in my life other than I left the last few chapters of a sad book to read today. And I can’t even tell you the name of the book because it would actually, for if others are reading this, I know it’s on one of the major lists, if somebody else is also reading this book, it is a spoiler.

So… everything’s fine. This is just what I sound like after I’ve had a good cry over some fiction. Let’s start in with Listen… and… I want to say hello to Derrick, who sent me a polite note, letting me know he’s playing along with Permissive Circumstance. He found me on Reddit, and has only listened to Eunoia so far.

I’ve seen similar sentiments from Sissy Cheri, and from Mike. And they only reached out after that last little piece of homework, and that’s fun. I like hearing from you. It’s more fun hearing about people’s experiences with the podcast and the games we play together than looking at like… the podcast downloads graph anyway.

I know that my dear Bunny, the writing Bunny, oh… for those of you that don’t know, I pick out someone’s clothing in exchange for him doing his writing practice daily. It’s just 500 words, but it keeps him in that habit, right? Anyway… Bunny also loves numbers and marketing.

Oh, and I guess speaking of Bunny… I’ve had some very, very sincere thank yous for Naughty Bunny, the trigger setting session. So if you haven’t heard that one, it did come out on Saturday. And, yeah… I do love to drop that particular word rune into sessions. It just fits nicely in different places and I know from you guys that you love that as well.

Definitely listen to that one because it’s going to be coming up again… and finally there’s a question from Michael who says that he is thinking of becoming a Happy Harem member over on Patreon. He asked if he gets any full-length hypno audio files in with his membership, and there’s a few dozen of you who are able to answer that with a resounding “Yes Michael, of course.”

I have a little private area on the Spoken by Elswyth dot-com, the website, where Patrons can collect some sessions that the out crowd would have to pay for. And other sessions went on the Patreon feed… usually what I do is I send a code out on the Patreon, and then people use the code on the website to download. Patreon is a little bit of a pain in the butt at times… and I know other people use, like… I’ve used Google Drive and things… but it just to work best just going through the website.

So… yeah. You do get full-length things through Patreon. I don’t have an entire list. Maybe I need to find one of my really organised Happy Harem members and then they can make out the little tree of sessions and so on. Let’s see… and speaking of being disorganised, yeah… I did promise an episode of Eunoia yesterday that you’re getting today instead.

Truth be told, I had a really great reason to stay in bed yesterday morning… and so I did. You know the pleasures of working from home and having a bedroom full of goodies and good company. And by the time I was up, showered, and then got distracted in the shower, and working… there was just too much traffic noise and other bustle outside to record.

So… okay… let’s go on to Obey. If you’re a Patron, one of my dear Happy Harem, I want you to go vote for which session goes out on Saturday, in the poll. I think I have space for like a dozen more people in the Patreon, so if you’re not a Happy Harem member, go head over, join and vote.

Okay, next… Permissive Circumstance. Firstly, if you’re doing Locktober, well you have a new MCF, it went out on Monday, that’s going to entertain you. Or it… well, there’s no “or”, it will frustrate you, and it might entertain you, and some people, they like to play and tease and edge throughout the month. And some don’t. Isn’t it funny that everyone has different rules for themselves.

So let’s see… have you been good so far today? Did you get a good night’s sleep? Brush your teeth? Eaten decently? If you answered yes to all of those questions, you have my permission for release. And if you said no at all, then you still have my permission, but… first I want you to take five minutes with your nose in the naughty corner. Five minutes can seem like a very long time.

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Mind Control Fragments

Oh dear, for a few days there the “Encouraging Locktober Affirmations” were missing, and some cruel person replaced them with “Less-Than Useful Locktober Affirmations”. Well, now the Encouraging version has returned (with a small audio correction, also). It’s also attached here.

There’s also another Locktober Tease Session, so no matter how you’re approaching this challenge there’s something good to listen to. As always you can find the Mind Control Fragments players here:

Some non-chastity MCF’s might pop up next Monday. See you tomorrow for Eunoia!

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Naughty Bunny (Caught Masturbating) Trigger Setting

Once upon a time I released a trigger setting session called Naughty Bunny – Feminization. The trigger set by the session induces a sense of gentle shame, and when I released it, I had considered all sorts of fun adventures that my Naughty Bunny could get up to in later sessions that would have expanded on the theme.

But the truth is, I love dropping this trigger into whatever session calls for it. Naughty Bunny is my name for you when I want to make sure you’re blushing, or maybe your breath catches slightly. You can be the rabbit in the headlights, who has realised that he’s caught, whenever I desire.

So enjoy this free trigger setting session, and you can be sure to experience the sensations it brings in my first Pocket Pet session.

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Eunoia (October 8th), Tell Me Good Things

In this episode we talk about Fri-yay, and review our hygiene efforts.


Today is Friday and this is Eunoia, Spoken by Elswyth. I had a bit of a pause there because I’ve fallen into the habit of jokingly referring to it as Fri-yay, and for whatever reason that has stuck, especially in my friend-circle, and so Fri-yay.. no whenever I say it outside of that I always have this pause of “Oh shit, which one did I say?”

Anyway… today is Friday and this is Eunoia, so let’s get started. I want to say thank you to Peter, who is my latest Patron. Welcome in to the Happy Harem, and I also… I managed to forget to say a welcome to Alex, and sorry for that. Patreon is kind-of peculiar. I think it’s because it doesn’t have a lot of competition, so… so it sometimes feels like it was designed a decade ago and then never touched again. Yeah, it’s a little bit erratic in some of the notifications… so welcome again, to you Alex.

And I had, I had a flurry of responses about handwashing and well done all of you.. including Cal Dude, and October-David, who is using his temporary nickname, so well done. Those two came through the Tell Me Good Things form, and they brought the average up to somewhere between 7-and-8. So eight “All good things come from Mistresses” each time you wash your hands, and go ahead and do more if you’ve been really dirty.

Oh, speaking of… the Tell Me Good Things form, it is on the Contact page of my website, and so it’s an easy place to throw short messages like “Hey, thanks for permission to cum!” and “Thanks for denial!”. Some of you, you could just do that the entire month, right? If you’re clever enough you could probably like, write a script to do it. The “Thanks for denial!”.

Of course you should also be sweet, with like… “Dear Mistress Elswyth. Thank you for denial. Warmly…” or “Yours…”, I do love Yours when it’s coming from my Happy Harem, and then your name, or nickname.

And I did promise a short Eunoia today so… maybe it’s already time to move on to Obey. So let’s do so.

Your homework is nice and easy, if you’ve been listening, but have never sent me any kind of a message… I want you to go to the Contact page,, and then just send a note. There are useful instructions on the page for how first notes should be, so they’re “polite”. You can send a hello, or you can ask a question, or suggest something, and you can be anonymous if you prefer.

And for today’s Permissive Circumstance, if you send me any kind of note today, through that form, well then you have my permission, and hey I’ll have fun knowing how many orgasms I personally endorsed today.

Of course, if you’re doing Locktober, just send me a note as well, thanking you for denial.

Okay, go on, enjoy your Fri-yay. Depending on editing my Happy Harem may find Saturday’s Session out today. I will link it through Patreon for you. For everybody else, Saturday’s Session is coming out tomorrow. Due to the content it is not making it to YouTube, so just go to the website to download it. And, I will see you then.

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Eunoia (October 7th), Hypnotic Inductions (Part 2)

In this instalment I wrap up yesterday’s thoughts on Hypnotic Inductions, with some Homework and Permissive Circumstances to boot.


Today is Thursday and this is Eunoia, Spoken by Elswyth. Eunoia is all about the connection betweeen us outside of the hypnosis sessions. Send you notes through Patreon or the SpokenByElswyth website to be included in the Listen section, and continue on to Obey for the Homework and Permissive Circumstance.

Today is part two of talking about inductions and deepeners, not all of them used in our femdom hypnosis sessions, but… I’ve received interesting ideas on how to weave in more physical ones after asking about it yesterday in the homework. And thanks to those that did their homework and sent those messages in.

So another method is arm levitation. This is pretty classic, it’s an Eriksonian tecnique. Basically, you get comfy; imagine a nice lounge, let’s make it white. I really like white furniture. Nice white lounge, you’re all stretched out. Your arms to your sides, eyes closed, and I would ask you to feel the difference, feel the different feelings in your arms. And making suggestions… so let’s say your left arm feels heavy, your right arm feels light, or hot, or cold… you enter a trance and you could-might even physically lift your arm.

You’ve probably heard this one done with like a tie, a bunch of balloons around your right wrist and I put a heavy bucket of sand in your left hand. And that suggestion,. that visualisation, it will often have a physical side that happens to it. Seeing a client’s arms move.

The other one is eye fixation. And this one is, really… this is something you probably do a few times a day without realising it. You will find yourself kind of zoning out, missing other people talking ’cause you’re kind-of staring at something in the room. Uh, it’s pretty easy. But that is a trance-like state. And any object of focus, it can be used to induce a trance. The pendulum, the swinging pocket watch. Those, you usually think of stage hypnosis with them.

And there are certain schools that teach hypnotherapy that would probably lose their minds if any of their therapists started using a crystal pendulum, just because it has a bit of a stigma around it. But we don’t worry about stigmas, do we?

Two of the reasons that eye-fixation works is… well, one; the object, we’ll say the pendulum, it keeps a conscious mind occupied, and that opens the subconscious mind to suggestion. And, second… it’s a bit more mundane, basically your eyes get physically tired when they’re going back and forth, or they fixate, so… okay… do that now. We’ll pretend this isn’t listening and this is obey. Obey me.

I want you to look up at the ceiling, don’t bend your neck, just like… look up so your eyes are really tilted up. Keep going. Keep doing it until you actually feel your eyes get tired and begin to close. That’s one of the keys to eye fixation.

The other one I like, and by the way, you can quit looking up, the other one I like is the body scan. I love this because it’s a gift that you can give to yourself outside of hypnosis, and with starting a session this way I know that it’s giving you a good thing… and I do love to give you good things. It can also be like married in together with some other techniques, you know… the full body scan, checking for tension in your shoulders…

There’s something very loud going by outside!

Going down through your shoulders, you know, your lower back, your thighs, your hips, your knees and doing that scan. You know that I love to pair this together with pink glitter. Kudos to you who remembered where that one came from.

Okay… so, today’s shout-outs go out to uh… Ned, Ducky and Dave, uh, not October-Dave, for sending in the most… I’m trying to find my word here, for somebody who loves words, we’re going to say outlandish; outlandish homework replies to yesterday’s homework to yesterday’s homework. I don’t think we’ll be trying those, ummm… one involves heels, which I’m guessing was inspired by this skimpy outfit yesterday, but we’re not doing that with the heels.

So on Monday there will be another Locktober MCF, and on Saturday I have, well… let’s just call it a confidence builder session, being released. I swear I’m gonna put it in Personal Growth as well, over in that pillar. It was a lot of fun to create, and I think quite a few of your are going to enjoy that one. It’s a great confidence builder.

Okay, uh… the homework. Today’s homework is to repeat “All Good Things Come From Mistress” every time you wash your hands. You may do so in your head, or in, out to the room, it’s your choice, and tell me how many of those you need to repeat in order to wash your hands for the appropriate amount of time. And if you don’t know the appropriate amount of time for hand-washing, shame on you. It is 2021… you should know this!

Okay, Permissive Circumstance for today. This one for my truly out there folks, if you get a wild hair and want to show me this one, go for it. If you do, you probably don’t need this upcoming Saturday session at all, but that’s okay… you can still listen to it because I am generous and I care about you.

The Permissive Circumstance today is, you have my permission if, you imagine your forehead on the toe of my shoe, as you do so. Because I find it hard to believe that you won’t be doing this in private. I want you to go ahead and assume the appropriate position, on your knees, leaning forward, forehead on my toes. Well, opn my shoes, covering my toes. If you have a private garden, or yard, and you feel inclined to do this outside, because seasons are changing, and why shouldn’t you enjoy that? You can imagine me sat on the fence, or the stone wall, and again… your forehead on the toes of my shoes.

Okay, that’s it for today. I will see you again on Friday. Bye for now.