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Permissive Circumstance – June 24th

Let’s keep playing our little game. Are you holding out for Saturday? Did you enjoy yourself yesterday, listening to “Under the Table” perhaps? Or did you go ahead and play on Tuesday the moment I gave you permission? Have I not told you about how important it can be to delay gratification?

Today I am using Trello to create a table of one hundred upcoming session ideas, and it’s really useful for seeing lots of ideas and organising them. This isn’t a sponsored post or anything like that, I just really enjoy Trello.

I wish I’d had more time to record Eunoia episodes this week and especially a Monday episode, but I’m sticking with my resolution to focus on content (Sessions and MCF’s) first. I think it’s a good trade overall… what do my lovely followers think?

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New Fragments – “The Top” and “Under the Table”

I’m still feeling a little off colour thanks to Pfizer, but these little fragments had made it out of my head and onto the page already, and now they’re ready to be heard!

The Top is available on the podcast feed, but you can find Under the Table in the MCF playlist. This second fragment is a fun hint at the content of another session that will be coming soon… I hope it surprises you a little, I never want the titles of these sessions to completely give the game away, but also don’t want them to be riddles themselves.

Last week’s “Marshmallow” themed Mind Control sessions (Side A and Side B) spurred a number of happy compliments. One of you seemed delighted to tell me that they listen to the first part ten times in a row one evening, kneeling beside their own bed. Perhaps even a little proud of yourself, weren’t you? Both of these sessions can also be found on the playlist.

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Permissive Circumstance – June 22nd

Three Permissive Circumstance cards in a week… Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. This week you have permission for just one of these days. You can go ahead right now, or save up for later. I’ll check in on Thursday to see how you’re doing.

Good news is that I had my second Covid jab, hooray!

Bad news is that I had my second Covid jab and have a touch of the “blah’s” today. I’m going to quietly work on the Saturday Session and other things that are in the works.

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Eunoia, Together Day (Alternating)

Penetrate is live! The latest Saturday Session is available here.
What can you expect with Penetrate? A delightfully yummy trigger word that leaves you open to greater intimacy. Try it out.

As promised, here is the study showing the benefits of alternating nostril breathing.

This controlled breathing technique is used to produce calm, relaxation, balance, and stress relief. Plus, as the study shows, it can also help reduce blood pressure and improve your attention span!

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Permissive Circumstance – June 19th

Saturday is the day for new sessions. If what appears in the shop or the podcast today doesn’t get your attention, then send me a polite note, letting me know what you’re really craving. You have my permission, once this simple task is done. Have a great weekend.

This Saturday Session is another example of something that was originally created for private sessions, but that I wish to share with everyone. I want to be able to use more triggers in sessions that I create, and that means everyone needs to have access to the setting of those triggers.

You should know, next weekend, well the current plan is to release a session that starts with calling my Pixie to me. There’s a second session that might come out at the second time, since I know flouncing around in a skirt and heels, at my beck and call is not for everyone.

And this Permissive Circumstance? I’m really looking forward to hearing what else my delightful followers would like to receive in the not-too-distant future. You can help me realise what subject matter has been neglected, or what you need continued as soon as possible.

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Permissive Circumstance – June 17th

Today you have permission, under the following circumstances; you must have your eyes closed while you play, and you must be listening to music on headphones. And if you play along, be sure to let me know what you were listening to through the Tell Me Good Things form.

Is this kind of play interesting to you particularly? Taking away one or two senses is something I deeply enjoy, leaving me in control of what happens next, what you feel… if you’re blind, can I convince you that this harmless bobby pin is the gleaming knife you saw earlier?

Of course I can. I can convince you of anything.

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New Mind Control Fragments

There are two new Mind Control Fragments available to you all today, you can find them in the usual place.

These two fragments go nicely together, and they explicitly for play time. They also maintain that core subject matter of MCF’s, of being on your knees.

These should be really fun to download and shuffle into a playlist. I’m excited to hear what you do with them.

Now, since these are so explicitly about playing with yourself, it seems only fair to say that whether you are using these sessions or not, you have my permission today.

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Permissive Circumstance – June 15th

If I plan to get any recording done, I need to stay hydrated. No-one wants a Mistress-hypnotist with a scratchy voice. My water bottle is a Klean Kanteen in turquoise. If you have a favorite mug, glass or bottle and want to share it, you’ll earn my permission when you do.

I’m no longer planning to regularly put out a podcast on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, though anyone who knows me well knows that my whims take precedence. Making these little cards, so we can play our game on most days of the week bring me a little bit of extra happiness; aren’t you happy my dears?

Tomorrow’s MCF sessions are genuine JOI sessions. I haven’t done much like this in the past, so I’m interested in . Have you tried downloading the Mind Control Fragments and arranging them in playlists on your phone? Has anyone tried putting their mix on a cassette tape for their Walkman?

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Monday Eunoia, “Sono Ritardo”

anonymous travelers walking along sandy seashore

In this episode I lay out very carefully what I hope my weekly schedule will be for the next few months, and leave you some hints to upcoming Saturday Sessions. This schedule should stick until I take a week on the beach in early August! Thank you all for being wonderful and patient, I know that this podcast has been a touch sporadic for a few weeks now.