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4.90 Sissy Maid Punishment with Femdom Hypno

In today’s podcast session, enjoy a collage of my favourite Maid Training moments. Presented in the style of Episode 83: More Mind Control. This session makes use of the Season Four Deepening Trigger.

My maid punishment sessions are the perfect tool to discipline sissy servants that let their Mistress down. Were you caught gossiping, shirking your chores, or do you just need to be punished for being the simpering sissy that you’ve always been?

New to Sissy Maid play with me? Use the coupon 9HE8M7SC to get your chosen sissy maid trigger setting for free with another purchase.

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4.89 Count, Sink, Crawl

Count Sink Crawl is not for beginners. Lose yourself in the problem of threes through a confusion induction and find yourself crawling in an unexpected place. NO SPOILERS – but there is something hidden in this session for you. It is revealed in the second half and I promise you won’t miss it.

Listen to the full podcast, or instantly download the session (without the podcast introduction) from the shop.

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4.88 – Kneel by my bed, pet

Don’t know what to listen to next? Today’s podcast is a shallow trance meditation that answers that question for you. It is the perfect piece for deciding your next SbE session, incorporating triggers and ideas from many recent favorites.

While not deep trance, it does take place in my bedroom and I suspect you already knew where to kneel…  yes?


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4.87 Femdom Hypnosis – Walking to Seduction: Dryad – Immersive Hypnodomme Audio

Walking to Seduction: Dryad is a cleverly designed audio experience that fully immerses you in this Femdom hypnosis scenario. Uncover more of the audio with every listen. If you are a fan of Walking to Seduction: Plant Shop you will fall in love with the Dryad version.

The two session bundle includes the UNCENSORED version of Walking to Seduction: Dryad with an additional 10  minutes of material too steamy for the podcast version.

Today’s session requires the Season Four Deepening Trigger from the FREE Beginner Bundle.


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8.86 Trapped in the Glass House

A fairy tale? A dark romance? A short horror story?  This is not hypnosis, but Trapped in the Glass House shares many common threads with my erotic hypnosis sessions. If you enjoy our other time together, I know you’ll like this story.

Need more stories like this? The Pickup Artist Gets Tricked is an erotic hypnosis session, that immerses you in the story of a talented and egotistical man, who meets its match in a woman determined to teach him a lesson.

The Pickup Artist Gets Tricked


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4.85 Hypnotherapy for Overcoming Emotional Eating with Professional Hypnosis

If you’ve been using food to cope with emotions, this session offers you a way out. Overcoming Emotional Eating is a vanilla, non-femdom, kink-free session. It is a hypnotherapy session requested by one of my loyal listeners who has been struggling with weight gain due to emotional eating.

More hypnotherapy sessions are available in the shop. If you’re seeking a certain type of therapeutic session, and you think it would be more effective in your Mistress’ voice, let me know in a polite message through Patreon, or the Contact Me page on the website.

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4.84 Daydream Mistress Hypnosis – Reveal what your daydreams say about you

Ever have a steamy make-out session on a red sofa… and as time passes, whenever you see a red sofa your daydreams take on a life of their own? Daydreams, fantasies, are a way the mind and body connect.

Sink deep into trance before experiencing floating subspace in the latest free session, “Descend to Discover, Ascend to Reveal”. Download this session without the podcast introduction and explore these extremes of extremes to your weekly practice and uncover more about yourself.

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4.83 More Mind Control for You! FREE Femdom Hypno session with NEW induction

Today’s podcast episode includes a playlist of Mind Control Fragments. Dirty Talk, Fantasies, and Philosophy collide! More than 50 MCFs are available to my Patrons.

Or get the uncensored version of this playlist in the shop. With added HFO that was too much for YouTube.


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4.82 You will say the words that I give to you –  femdom hypno audio

FREE Femdom Hypno session “Only if it Pleases You” is included in today’s podcast episode. It requires no triggers and it is perfect for beginners and more experienced listeners.

Want the full deluxe, uncensored version? Find it here for instant download:

If you want more of this type of training, where I tell you the exact words I love to hear, you can try the Dear/Darling trigger setting and associated Limit Testing sessions. Patrons at every tier will be able to download the Dear/Darling Trigger Setting this month.

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4.81 Femdom Hypno Goes Further – Personalize Your Token Now

Continue from “Do you want me to steal your mind?”. Or start here, immediately.

This censored version removes some explicit scenes. Find the full version here:

Also available in the shop, freshly audited by my Happy Harem on Patreon, is the new Listening Room session Game Play.

Find more Listening Room sessions in the shop. Add a few to your cart and automatically get up to 20% off!


Today is episode 81, and we’re going to focus on how to take Femdom Hypnosis further by setting a personalised token. Now before we do that, I suspect quite a few of you have missed episode 80. How do I know that? Because it has a shockingly low number of views, compared to just the three or four episodes before it. I suspect it’s because on YouTube, you need to sign in to be able to see it…

Now, if you’ve missed it, please do go back and check it out. The uncensored version, it can be found on my website, but the edited version it’s also quite a bit of fun. In it, you are a Pickup Artist, who is about to meet his match. This may be something you have never considered. I totally get it. More than likely you label yourself as a submissive guy, before you would ever label yourself as a Pickup Artist, wannabe or professional.

But that is exactly why it’s so much fun. It’s a role that’s far removed from your everyday life. And in the uncensored version, it does go into being a whole lot of fun. So consider that to be your homework, after today’s hypnosis session. I want you to go back to episode 80, show it some love, and let me know if you happen to be one of the many on YouTube who didn’t see it the first time around.

We’re going to shake things up a bit. I want to try to jump right into today’s session as quickly as possible… but I do have a few things to explain. First of all, you will need a coin. For this first time through the session, you can go ahead and use any coin. For the next time through, you will know which coin you want to use, and keep. The session, as you go through the first time, it does give you suggestions. Well, like most hypnotic sessions, correct? But it will give you suggestions on possible coins that you might want to consider.

The coin that you plan to keep, it needs to have a heads and tails. It needs to be memorable in some way. You don’t want to go off losing it in the change jar, right? And dear, you don’t want to lose it at all. You can consider it to be a small test of obedience.

The coin before… and yes there is a much older version of this session. I believe it only went out to Patrons and it was a couple years ago… anyway, the coin does make an appearance in some sessions, and I can also have fun with this one, in some of our private messaging, emailing and so on.

Again, the first time through… don’t worry about which coin you have for the second and so on. By then, you will know which one to use. I do recommend using the session at least three times to set the intention, and then after that you can add it in your regular rotation, so it stays sharp.

Now as I hinted at, the SbE Token, it is based on an older session… I’ve upgraded a bit of the language, it’s also now recorded in my better recording space, and also with a much better mic and production.

And one more quick note before I tell you to go off and find a comfortable space where you are unlikely to be interrupted, there are two versions of this session. This one that you’re listening to, it is the edited podcast version for YouTube. You know, so it’ll make its way past the censors. But the original one had something fun in it, and I wanted to keep that as well for this one… so the uncensored, full length version… it is available over on the website. You can just pop over there and download it;

It has a… JOI that kind of runs through the end, and you know… a nice release for you, because I’m good to you. Where do those good things come from? You know the answer to that one.

Now, either version, perfect for Beginners. Even if this is the absolute first thing you’ve ever heard by me. Grab a coin, and continue on. You’ll do fine. You will reach a deeper stage of trance, thanks to a unique induction, and a thorough deepener.

Okay, so now… find that place where you can be comfortable, probably won’t be interrupted, and you are ready to set your intention. Make sure you have your coin handy.

I hope you enjoyed the session, and like I said make sure, after you have chosen which coin you want to keep as your SbE token, you go through it again at least two more times. You can download the session without the podcast intro and outro, directly from