Monday Eunoia – Mindful breathing and Mindless Mantras


Our theme this week is the mantras of a Mindless One paired with mindful breathing. (I know.. I know..)

Now, you’re aware that I love the creativity and intelligence in my happy harem. But.. it’s also a wonderful pleasure to take you to the place of mindlessness where you can simply obey and be everything that I desire. This week I decided to join together mindful breathing with mindless affirmations to push our hypno kink desires a little further.
The good news is all of these mantras, and more have been created into a larger, longer (faster, harder?) session to be released as an Early Access on Patreon.

The working title so far is “Affirmations for a Mindless One” – likely it’ll stay that way.

I know I’m supposed to be doing SEO and all that jazz to lure in all of the people I possibly can.. but we know that this is about relationship building. I prefer spending my time interacting with you to digging into the tech side of biz growth.

We’re doing just fine.

I had no idea what to name this one…

Sunday – Together


I’m so very glad it is Sunday. Am I the only one? I let my Happy Harem know I’d be mostly quiet over the weekend… yet it feels like a weekend hasn’t been the break I needed. This past week has been a rough one. I loved the hike on Saturday, yet disliked all of the “what happens Monday?????” stuff that seems to be everywhere right now. The start of lockdowns felt like people would find a way to keep afloat during what we all knew would be a hard time. Now it feels like too many people that I care about have found themselves in very leaky boats. The stress between relationships (of all types) has ramped up a LOT. I’m not sure if others are finding the same thing…?

So fuck Monday. (Yes, I know.. I love Mondays..)

Sunday, for me, is going to be losing myself in creativity and over-indulgent teas… I know that I’ll find my happy, balanced spot again. It’s usually when I’m able to feel productive and like I can actually do something. I adore all of you that reach out to me to create our special connections. I’ve had fun jewelry to see, presentations to enjoy, naked pics (yes, I asked for them – I’m that kind of a girl..) stories/poems, and even a riddle that I plan to read for Wednesday’s Checking the Diary. The personal sessions this month have also given me this marvellous spot to be to make (and remake) memories, realities, and so forth. I’m currently crafting an “Initiation Session” that lets me shut out the So Called Real World for a while and be immersed in.. well.. a shared reality. I love what we do. Thank you.

Saturday Femdom Sleep Hypnosis and Eunoia

A Bedtime Story, Daily Deepening Practice, eunoia, Remaking You, Shared Daydreams

Yes.. this is late(r than normal..).

I hope everyone had (or is having!) a fantastic Saturday. For me, it involved escaping to the woods in a nature reserve previously unknown to me. The land was reclaimed from a landfill and now has a bog, pond, streams, meadow, etc. All in all not a bad way to spend a few hours on a Saturday.

Due to all of the BS going on in the world — and a very sweet note from a YouTube follower – I’ve decided to release the sleep hypnosis session publically.. a bit earlier than I expected. My patrons have given me great reviews so I’m sure others will feel the same.

It is called Lumber Slumber and uses a tree as a natural eco-friendly way to explore some sleep bondage. If you have a fear of heavy limb hypnosis, this is likely not for you. The same for claustraphobia, it may be unpleasant (so far that hasn’t been the feedback.. but use your own judgement!). As always, I recommend doing one of the safeword setting sessions prior to any of my hypno sessions.

Safeword session:

Lumber Slumber:

It’s Friday — yes.. I missed Thursday..

Early Access, eunoia

Well, not really. You can still find it on the podcast or youtube, but I know many of you come here for the chit-chat. I had a bit of a lousy day with some relationship issues and blah…

Today, however, seems to be on the uptick – yay – so happy friday and let us enjoy some time together!

I’m wrapping up a few more personal sessions today. As an October homework perk, I offered the choice of Trick or Treat for those who finished early. EVERY SINGLE ONE HAS CHOSEN TRICK! I think some of you trust me a little TOO much. 😉 I’m going to have fun with you.. all of you..

There is an early access coming out today for Erasing Triggers/Bad Habits on patreon.

And another session that will be public and here soon… (different post).

Tuesday Eunoia

Daily Deepening Practice, eunoia, Shared Daydreams

Quick reminder. There is an Early Access session on Patreon that won’t be released to the public for ages… (well, maybe a week?) So come join over there.

Did you orgasm this morning? Me neither. I opted for a bit more “snooze” time and, honestly, the trade off wasn’t worth it. I am starting my day with green loose leaf tea in a popcorn flavour. Yes, really.

I also love when someone does Floor Time because it means, out of the blue, I receive a message stating three things they will do to prove themselves. Have you done Floor Time recently?

Sunday… finally…


This week has been crazy. I think it is the realisation that we’re all still being hermits in our house and I DO NOT WANT TO BE! I’m long overdue for a weekend away. I just feel like I live on a contaminated island and there are precious few choices. Oh, wait, I just remembered I’m not allowed to leave my county. Blech.

I need a wonderful documentary to watch that’ll make me forget that I’m stuck in a X mile radius of my home. Any suggestions?

Let’s breathe…