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That Shade of Purple – Day 107


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast dedicated to making my perfectly submissive guy.

Today is Day 107. And I have a confession; I really don’t have anything planned for today. I know what I’m going to say for tomorrow, for the last episode of this Season Three, Part Two… but I’ve really been working a lot of Season Four. I’ve found, umm… I’ve found a bit of inspiration that I couldn’t help run with. It’s been a lot like that for this upcoming season. My poor doggos, when we’re on a walk, it’s often… oh… wait! And I take the time to jot something down.

I absolutely love this co-creation that comes, but it’s nice to start with an idea, right? Kinda like yesterday. I suspect that my dearest pet was just going about his day and not thinking about orgies. You know, until someone very important to you mentioned them. And just like that, it was in your head. Almost like someone setting that chess piece on the board, right? Putting it into play.

Well, we never know exactly when inspiration is going to hit us. I had that the other day when I was thinking about… thinking about colours in the bedroom, and I have to admit, if you wanted to lure me in, right? Like you are the one luring me in, instead of it going the other way, but let’s just pretend here, okay? You… have decided to lure me in to an orgy of… or play-party of whatever size you choose. Let’s say five; that’s easy, right? Five?

If the room that I walk into is mostly white. You know, clean, and crisp and the bed is… the bed is adequately sized for the activities planned, but… more important than that it has fresh white sheets and big poofy pillows, and pillows of different sizes, because… pillows of different sizes, and firmness and shapes, they come in handy for these things. Trust me.

If I walk into a room like that, yeah I’m probably more likely to say “Yes”. Now, take that same room and change the colours of the sheets and the pillows to that same god-awful Cadbury Purple. You know the shade. Dildo purple. Oh, that purple drives me insane. Anyway, maybe not my thing.

But there’s another colour that I love, and it could be a bit cliché, but I have to say, you know, if I’m choosing like a collar set, you know, collar, wrist-cuffs, ankle-cuffs. A lot of people go with practical right? Like… black. Like, you’re going to have to match it to all of the outfits you’ll wear in your life. You know, your gym clothes, your Sunday Best suit, your sailing outfits. I’ve completely run out of outfit ideas. You know, jeans and a t-shirt, nothing goes better than black. That kind of thing. So many people go for black.

Now in that hotel scenario, of the play party, if you put them all in the white collar, white cuffs, yeah, I’d go for that. I mean you could even toss in some white lingerie. You could have one in a white hood, I’m very agreeable. I’ll even dig out my white satin gloves, or is this more of a latex event?

Anyway, I like white. I like it a bit more than black, definitely like it more than purple, but another colour that I love is vermillion. This colour is… red. But it’s not that terrible red with that orangey undertone. It’s the really pretty red with the blue undertones. The red that’s often the Ruby Woo lipstick which continues to be my favourite. And the red that Lowry uses.

And I love Lowry. Now, I don’t claim to be some kind of major art enthusiast or what-not, but I have been to quite a few cities around I love going into the different galleries. And I absolutely love when I can spot a Lowry. His palette is by far my favourite. Now I’m starting to wonder how I could turn that orgy… that orgy with the white sheets and so on, and turn that into everyone coloured like the different Lowry bits. That might be just a little bit too out there for a play session.

Anyway, we are wrapping up this season together. Tomorrow will be the final day. There is a word tomorrow that you need to write down somewhere, or remember in that handsome head of yours, okay?

Your Permissive Circumstance for today, it’s… it’s inspired by a movie I heard is coming out. It’s also a task, because who doesn’t love a chance to be obedient, right? Pretend that you are a Ken doll. And you’re being given to me for… I don’t know, Christmas, Birthday, whatever. You come in a box. No, don’t cum in the box!

You come in a box, and in this box there are let’s say two extra outfits and some accessories. Tell me what kind of Ken doll you are, and what else is in your box, and then you do have my permission to cum in a box, or in your hand, or whatever works for you.

Okay, that’s it for today. I did tell you I didn’t have much of a plan. Tomorrow’s episode will wrap up our season, and don’t worry it won’t be too long before we dig into Season Four. And season four is going to be the perfect starting point, or refresher, depending on where you are in this journey.

I’m really looking forward to it.

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