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My Muse and My Canvas – Day 103

I’ve recorded the new version of Bound for Release (and one other entirely new session), and they’re with the editor as we speak. They’ll both likely be published over the weekend. You can find out more about upcoming sessions on the New Releases page.

Femdom Hypnosis for Bondage Lovers

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Whose Needs First – Day 102

Here’s the Mind Control Fragment playlist I promised you.

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On the Spot – Day 98

There will be a podcast episode tomorrow, and also Wednesday. Enough people refer to me as “Queen”, (or Empress, Goddess, certainly higher up the totem pole) that I’ve decided to take Thursday and Friday off.

The Penultimate Chastity Hypnosis Poll

I’m still receiving some wonderful answers to these questions in emails, and I appreciate every speck of information I can have about your relationship with chastity and denial play.

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A long time cumming – Day 97

I’m pleased to be able to announce that Locked Up Cock With Femdom Hypnosis is the latest instalment in my Post-Hypnotic Sensation Play series.

How much Chastity Hypnosis is enough?

I had at least a dozen emails yesterday, from people telling me about their experience and interest in chastity. While interesting, I can’t help but notice that I had more emails about the subject than I did responses to the poll. Make sure you take a step backwards and answer yesterday’s poll, if you didn’t already.

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What’s your personal interest in chastity? – Day 96

This episode begins a tragic tale of a kitchen appliance, unable to continue on with the constant toil that is this mortal coil. If you want to help, you can find my Amazon wishlist here.

Tell Me All About Chastity Hypnosis

I have a new sensation play session coming out in the next few days. Some of my Patrons are already listening to it, helping me check that it’s perfect the finishing. It’s called “Locked Up Cock With Femdom Hypnosis”, and it might remind you of Phantom Butt Plug With Femdom Hypnosis.

I’m also working on a set of chastity sessions. These will help you bring about the appropriate frustrated, complacent or resigned mindset when playing with orgasm denial. I want to make sure these sessions push as many of your buttons as possible, so I want lots of good, truthful answers to these questions over the next few days.

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Getting Longer Release 9 – Day 95

Getting Longer grows to a whole 45 minutes long, today. And just a little bit more expensive.

We’re almost to the end of the journey planned out for this session. For the next four days of podcast episodes, I’m going to offer an opportunity to get the complete session at a deep discount. And if you’re one of the good boys who joined in right from the start, you’ll be able to reward yourself with something else from the shop, instead.

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