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What’s your personal interest in chastity? – Day 96

This episode begins a tragic tale of a kitchen appliance, unable to continue on with the constant toil that is this mortal coil. If you want to help, you can find my Amazon wishlist here.

Tell Me All About Chastity Hypnosis

I have a new sensation play session coming out in the next few days. Some of my Patrons are already listening to it, helping me check that it’s perfect the finishing. It’s called “Locked Up Cock With Femdom Hypnosis”, and it might remind you of Phantom Butt Plug With Femdom Hypnosis.

I’m also working on a set of chastity sessions. These will help you bring about the appropriate frustrated, complacent or resigned mindset when playing with orgasm denial. I want to make sure these sessions push as many of your buttons as possible, so I want lots of good, truthful answers to these questions over the next few days.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis Podcast dedicated to making my perfectly submissive guy.

Today is Day 96, and before I get into talking about what I plan to talk about, I decided to give you a chance to do something nice for me… also known as… my stupid kettle has died. For an appliance that British people can seem unable to do without, like every house, ever cabin, ever Air BnB, every hotel room… let’s say you’re glamping and your yurt has electricity… it’ll have a kettle in it.

And they don’t even do anything that fantastic. You just push the damn button, but I just have no idea. Maybe mine, I don’t know… maybe mine got tired of being used, again and again, by a non-British person.

Anyway, there is a kettle on my wishlist, and I’ll have the link to it. It’s been on their a bit, I think I had a premonition that this day was going to arrive. If you do plan to pick it up, do let me know, just so I don’t end up with two kettles. But then again, with my track record, that might just be fine, you know?

Okay… what did we plan to talk about today? Oh, yeah… there are two themes for the next four episodes of this podcast. One of the themes is… chastity. Your relationship with it, your interest in it… even if the answer is “I’m not interested in chastity!” that’s fine.

I’m going to be asking you a few questions about chastity and related subjects, and I’m going make it easy for you to complete your task each day, and answer those questions. The first one, is actually just that; what’s your interest in chastity? Orgasm denial, control, etcetera. And you’ll find it on the website page, blog post, whatever, for this podcast episode.

The other theme is a conversation. A somewhat silly conversation, and it’s one that if we were sharing… I don’t know, a conversation at a picnic table in the park, that you might have with me. Now it isn’t a sexy conversation, it’s a silly conversation… a friendly conversation. The kind of conversation that only occurs when you follow a rule of mine, and I’ll tell you what that rule is tomorrow.

So let’s be sitting at the picnic table. I have one of those green bottles of sparkling water. Blue label, Italian name… uhh… I forget. And, who sings that song, dear? You know the one… it’s like, uh… “Here Comes the Sun”, or something.

And you say… well… what do you say? For the next few days we’re going to have this conversation. The back and forth. And I promise there’s a point to all of this. When we work out the word I’m looking for, I promise you will get a reward.

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  1. I have found after a couple weeks of chastity my mind goes to dark fantasies. What might be a passing thought quickly dismissed, becomes a an obsessive thought. It leads to shamefulness. Nothing illegal (at least since the 1970’s) but experiences I’d rather forget and do not wish to repeat (well maybe one or two). But I certainly do not wish to lose control to testosterone again.

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