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Whose Needs First – Day 102

Here’s the Mind Control Fragment playlist I promised you.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast dedicated to making my perfectly submissive guy.

Hello my… which term of endearment works for today. Should I say “Hello my lovely one!” or “Hello my begging one”?

“Hello my snivelling little worm.”
“Hello my happy pet.”

Today is Day 102, and I’m putting some finishing touches on the script for a new version of Bound For Release. Have you heard that one? It’s a sort-of HFO session about repeated, hmmm… I wonder. I wonder what an HFO, well sort-of HFO session could be about. What on earth would you repeat over, and over?

If you said orgasms, you’re correct. While working through a few all new sessions for the month, this one is more… revisiting, reviving. Making new, and hopefully improving. I know that for me, that listening to the session, some time after first creating it, I’m simply not happy with it.

So it would be obvious to anyone who knows me that knots and the tying of them is on my mind. I think I’d like to dwell on those thoughts for a day or two longer before I share them with you. So, I’ve created a playlist of Mind Control Fragments for you. You know, a little bit of Femdom hypnokink squished together in an easily accessible format. And you’ll find them linked from this episode.

You don’t think that I’m just trying to distract you while I get some work done, do you pet? If I needed some time, I now have quite firm evidence that I could find somewhere else for you to be. Someone else for you to be with. But I’m not always that great at sharing. Especially not my little masterpiece in the works, that I’ve put so much into.

Your task for today is to listen to the whole playlist, and, now listen to this bit, to enjoy yourself. You’re even allowed to… Play Along.

But here’s another thing I learned; you really enjoy a little tease and denial, don’t you? Odds are I’m right. I mean, I’m often right. So today you can play along, and you can feel good as you’re doing it… but no release today. Not until you’re bound for me.

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