Getting Longer


Getting Longer is a multi-part endurance session. The price will increase as the session gets longer, and longer…


Getting Longer is an endurance session for breathing, or sensation play, or… that other kind of endurance.

You can use the sessions for any or all of these purposes, and the eleven parts get steadily longer as more thoughts and ideas are added.

The completed session covers a broad range of my interests, without slipping too deep into any one kink or fetish. The main focus is hypnosis and mind control, because I know what draws you to me, and keeps you close.

The session makes heavy use of the Tick Tock Trigger Setting Session to take you deep into trance, and quickly.

“The Clock”

The bespoke music featured in this session features multiple rhythmic elements, some of which are the real sounds of an antique clock. You can use these sounds to pace yourself as you work on your endurance.

Every 8 seconds, you’ll hear the sound of the clock’s winding key being inserted. The minimum requirement placed on you by this session is that you will try to match your intake of breath with that cue.

Listen out for the pleasant sound of bells and chimes after the first 5 minutes. These irregular elements come in sets of 20 and are perfect for use with your Ouchie Stick or other fun implement.

Completed – June 13th, 2022

Getting Longer is a little over 55 minutes long. The story it tells is complete, but you can choose to experience each of the eleven parts of the session, one after the other.

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