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On the Spot – Day 98

There will be a podcast episode tomorrow, and also Wednesday. Enough people refer to me as “Queen”, (or Empress, Goddess, certainly higher up the totem pole) that I’ve decided to take Thursday and Friday off.

The Penultimate Chastity Hypnosis Poll

I’m still receiving some wonderful answers to these questions in emails, and I appreciate every speck of information I can have about your relationship with chastity and denial play.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast dedicated to making my perfectly submissive guy.

Today is Day 98, and… actually, who was that other guy? You know the one dear, he did the soundtrack for that Hugh Grant Rom-Com. He had a song about the sun coming, or going… who was it, now?

I’m enjoying this. Because right now, you have the permission to find the answer wherever you can, but at our picnic table, in this moment, you don’t have that option.
So you might wonder if I’m talking about Notting Hill, or Love Actually. You know the movies that get played again and again, every Christmas. And maybe you don’t know the answer to the question I posed, like a game show contestant who’s about to miss out on a cool $64,000, or whatever.

But the answer to the question doesn’t really matter.

I’d rather talk about how many of those Hugh Grant Rom-Coms there are, and can you even think of a movie he was in that can’t be squeezed into that genre? And who knows where else our conversation might lead.

Maybe back to locking your cock away? We have enough privacy that I can steer the conversation back that way, when I want to. There’s a question waiting for you about that sort of thing, you know you can go answer it when you’re ready. Go back and answer the others if you haven’t already.

As for a Permissive Circumstance, well if you’re the proud owner of a chastity device, you have permission today. Otherwise, it’s a no. Of course, you’re on the honour system.
See you tomorrow.

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