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The Brightest Star in the Sky – Day 99

There’s a question in today’s podcast episode. The one-word-seven-letter answer is a 25% coupon code that’s good all the way through to Sunday the 5th of June. You could choose to use this to pick up Getting Longer.

One Final Chastity Hypnosis Query


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast dedicated to making my… perfectly submissive guy.

Day 99, and okay okay… I’ve let this conversation meander for long enough. And I’m glad you’ve chit-chatted with me plenty. Music and movies are always easy, and I like knowing how each can make you feel. What emotions come to you readily. We can leave our picnic table, and take a walk. You can choose where, and we can still talk, or not, whatever feels right to you.

Tomorrow, Getting Longer will be a little bit longer, and I’m looking forward to that. Right now, I’m going to provide the last part of our strange little Pop Quiz. So, go offer up one more answer on the subject of chastity and denial, and then… remember that song from yesterday? Maybe you do… but in it, the singer uses [redacted – Go listen to the episode!]

That is the key to a small reward for you, that you might have already seen. Go on, you can come back tomorrow.

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