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Rapid Relaxation, No More Secrets and Pleasure Seeking – Day 87

Here’s the Mind Control Fragment playlist you were promised…

Patrons are testing out a new Mind Control Fragment player for me.

Femdom Hypnosis Triggers for Everyone

These newest fragments include some of my favourite triggers. The right triggers make everything better; MCFs, podcast episodes, even. This weekend, there’s better-than-half-price discounts on lots of trigger setting sessions.

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Dear/Darling and Limit Testing Sessions

I’ve uploaded some very small changes to a few of the Limit Testing Sessions (namely, Desperate to Pee and Shopping Trip). If you picked up either of those sessions, those changed files are available to download from your account.

If you don’t already have the Dear/Darling Trigger Setting and Limit Testing sessions, here’s a polite suggestion; add the trigger setting and any limit testing session, and then use the coupon code SE-4ZGSZYPU to magically get the trigger for free.

Wouldn’t that be nice, dear?

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Getting Longer release 3

Not only goes Getting Longer get a little longer today, but A chapter in Margaret’s story is also available.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast dedicated to making my perfectly submissive guy.

Welcome to Day 65. It’s time for a new Getting Longer session. 15 minutes of Hypnokink Bliss. Go over to the website and download it there. Instructions are given. Your Permissive Circumstance for today, it’s to go be a good boy. Download, listen to the session, and then you have my permission for release.

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Getting Longer Release 2 – Day 60

The Getting Longer session gets five minutes longer today.

If you’ve already signed up to receive every instalment of this endurance session you’ll find the new release on your Downloads Page.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast with generally useful training, and plenty of rewards, for the submissive man.

Welcome to Day 60. It is time for you to add five minutes of bliss to your hypnokink life. Your task for today is to head over to the website and download the new, 10 minute, Getting Longer session. Instructions are posted there.

Your Permissive Circumstance for today is… yes. After… you knew that was coming. Well, you knew it was coming on how you’re going to be coming. After you finish our newest session. You deserve a reward. Good boy.

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More Maid Mind Control – Days 57 (and 58)

Here’s an oversight on my part; I’m “AFK” for a full day and can’t schedule an update to the Mind Control Fragments page. There are two new Mind Control Fragments, one for Pixie and the other for Margaret. Pixie’s uses the “Come to me Pixie” trigger, and involves oral sex. Margaret’s is quite a bit tamer.

Take this opportunity to enjoy some Mind Control Fragments in any way you please. I’ve made quite a few of them available. I’ll be coming back around to a Day 58 catch-up session soon, and I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available.

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A knot in time saves lives – Day 56


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast with useful training for the submissive man.

So, welcome to Day 56. Small disclaimer, you may hear a dog growling in the background. She is literally looking out the window, at a squirrel and taking great offence.

Yesterday we introduced just the beginning of the Getting Longer session. Now, this session is a bit different. For my Happy Harem over there on Patreon, you’re gonna have a code that you can use to just continually download this as it gets longer. If you’re not part of that, it’s fine… but I’m going to reward those who don’t procrastinate. I love a tidy boy, and I love a punctual one as well.

So it’s going to start off with a very, very low price. You use your account to go ahead and download it from the website, and you will always be able to download the Getting Longer sessions all the way up to Day 105. Okay? That’s how we’re doing it.

Is it fair? Sounds fair to me, and that’s what matters!

Okay, I found… and you’re going to hear me click. I know you’re not supposed to do and everything else, but I happened to find this article because I’m sure something is tracking me, and it says “Essential Knots: How to tie the 20 knots you need to know” and I’m all for that, because… well… I like knots.

Anyway, underneath it, the subtitle is “One of these knots could save your life one day.” Now, I don’t fucking think so. Maybe? But what are you doing in your life that in a true, life-death scenario, one of these knots… Just the Knot! is going to be the thing that makes the difference?

Your task for today is to tell me. You can be as fantastical as you want to be, in that response.

Ummm… now, I agree. It could save your sex life one day, definitely. But your actual life? I’m on the fence.

And your Permissive Circumstance, well… I’m going to believe that these particular authors really knew what they were talking about when they wrote this, so; your Permissive Circumstance is this. If a knot that you tied saved your life, well… you have my Permission. But you have to tell me about it.

That’s it. I will see you tomorrow.

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A New Trigger Setting Session

This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast with carrots and sticks for the submissive man.

Today is, well… today is leading up to the beginning of Season 3, Part 2. Now, as a generous thank you to my dear Happy Harem over there on Patreon, I am giving you the new trigger for this part. It’s going to give you a bit of a head start to go through and practice it before… ooh… before we use it some very, very fun ways.

I will make it publicly available to everyone, later on, before this season begins. But… if you want it now, you can either join Patreon or, spend the fee that you’ll see in the shop. So Patrons, your task is to make you you check and grab the code.

Your Permissive Circumstance is, well… carry on with what you have been doing. For this Part 2 of Season 3 we are going to have some fun. And probably more than a few chances for release in there, because I love to be good to you.

We’re going to have some Pocket Pet, Sabriel… definitely the Maids. A little bit of woof-woof. And I’m sure I’m completely forgetting all of these other things, but here is the really fun thing; I am inspired by the idea of time, to make something that we are going to use throughout this Part 2. I know, I know, you’re going to find out what it is soon enough, but I know… I know you and I know you are going to love this. Love everywhere it takes you.

Don’t forget about your coin. Don’t forget about your Ouchie Stick, and don’t forget to go download the new trigger, so that way you can get started. You’re going to want to listen to it at least like, three times before you use it in a full session that I’m going to release it in. You will find that this particular trigger is going to be woven in a lot of our sessions.

And, the music for this trigger is also going to make an appearance in that special new thing that we’re going to try out. If we like it, I have a great idea for the Part 1 of Season 4. But, I’m gonna warn you now, it’s going to be a whole lot of smut!

So bye for now. Go download the thing and I swear I will see you soon.