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Permissive Circumstance – May 11th

A this is the first time I’m giving a Permissive Circumstance in a written form, you have my permission today, because I appreciate that you pay enough attention to have found this post.

I enjoy the Permissive Circumstance game, and am tickled how many messages I get thanking me for release (or denial) on a daily basis. When I’m not able to put out Eunoia, I still wish I could indulge in our little orgasm denial game.

The format and method of posting may change slightly next time, since I’m not sure how this will look when it cross-posts to Twitter yet, but I will be sending out these stipulations daily from now on (barring wild horses, hell and/or high water, or catastrophic internet failure).

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10 Minutes of Anytime, (almost) Anywhere Mindful Meditation SbE

Femdom Hypnosis

Hello, dear followers. I’m giving you a 10 minute long Anytime (almost) Anywhere, Mindful Meditation (AAMM). The meditation can be used for focused attention (FA) or open monitoring (OM) meditation. Both styles enhance thinking that goes on to enhance creativity.

This is part of the Eunoia series devoted to creativity and meditation. Episode 1 explains why this fascinates me and Episode 2 covers the science behind meditation and the impact on thinking. The rest of this week will have sessions (long and short) to increase your creativity.

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Eunoia, Enhancing Creativity

school bench with stationery in classroom

Good Monday, don’t you know how much I love a Monday?

Today we’ll take a deeper dive into a fascinating study about meditation and creativity, and as the week goes on I’ll be releasing some longer hypnosis sessions that foster imagination and creativity. Tomorrow’s podcast is a 10-minute meditation session; no preamble, no homework or permissive circumstance.

C writes:

I just feel the very strong need to send this message of love and support. You give so much to your followers and it is so very appreciated. Eunoia every day is so wonderful; whether it is 6 or 12 minutes I know that you spend lots of time preparing it and it is magical fun.  I cannot tell you how much joy you have provided over the last (almost) year. That said, you have been giving even more since March … expanded Eunoia, more messages directly to you, etc.  And I know you have other things (you mentioned zemiology).  I can only speak for myself in saying that I do not want your status as Mistress to become a burden. I say that in all sincerity. Obviously, I have never met you in person and do not foresee that. Nevertheless, I care tremendously about your well-being … you always tell us that we are loved and valued … you are, too.

Nothing I do here is truly a burden, and I will always make sure I take the space I need to ensure I can continue. I feel the love and appreciate it, almost everyone is always kind and I know what to do with those who aren’t!

D writes:

Dear Mistress, I listened to Sabrielle more attentively; your wordplay and training are inimitable. I want to go deeper as your subject, and become a better writer.

I will accept this compliment gladly even though I had find inimitable in the dictionary.

D also writes:

As a gentleman what would frustrate me is disobeying the rules I want to follow, and as a service sub, not asking for more work around the house to do.

Within this comment are some clues to the next maid trigger, after dear Pixie.

An anonymous comment from my questionnaire about kneeling:

I love your voice, the delicate balance between romance and dominance you strike. Amazing!

Thank you, what a fun way to describe this.
I’m enjoying the responses to the quiz and have some great ideas.

After I’ve recovered from whatever toll the Covid vaccine takes upon me, I’ll be exploring kneeling and everything related to it in the next series of Eunoia instalments.

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Can 10 minutes a day of mindful meditation enhance creativity?

femdom hypnosis photo

Happy Friday! Your favourite femdom hypnotist had too many deadlines hanging over her head. I’m relieved to be back with my Happy Harem and we’re starting a three-part series. This series will lead to a variety of sessions being released. Part one is today, part two will be on Monday.

I’m scheduled for my covid jab early next week. In the event I’m one of those that feels “blech” after, I figure having a few new sessions will keep you occupied. There will be at least one patron-only session for next weekend. And then… ooh.. we jump into the scrumptious topic of kneeling.

R writes:

Listened to The Apartment for the first time after work. Don’t remember anything after the induction…

ME – You’re welcome.

A different R writes:

Dear Goddess,

 I write to you to inform you that the 2nd role mentioned in today’s Eunoia is very intriguing to me. I tend to be a “perfectionist” and tidy up, but the thought of being so disorganized in a sense that seeks Goddess’s attention? Hmm 🤔 To be told I’m no good at it and instead to be pulled away for something I may be of more use to. I apologize if I seem to be rambling but my thoughts are quite uncontainable. I look forward to seeing what lies in store for the weekend. Much gratitude, much love.

ME – I can understand why it is distracting. I can see on some days the fumbling being rewarded with a “more use” activity – probably a lot of time in bed.. and other days when you’re told to bend over the sofa! It would definitely depend on my mood and, likely, your charm.

TM writes:

Dearest mistress,

It turns out the one testicle I have is a relative of Houdini or a buddhist, physical chastity will not work on me. I have made multiple attempts to throw on a cage, they have all failed. I have tried metal silicone and plastic. I have the willpower to go without. I will think of your idea of denial when I do not have your permission for release.

ME – I’ve been a chastity keyholder both online and in everyday life and know that some people struggle with physical chastity devices. (pro tip – for LDR chastity, use those plastic locks with numbers. Brilliant inventions”!)

With that said, remember this comment for the next Eunoia theme coming around the week of April 26th – discussing the different ways to experience the femdom hypnosis sessions. I also don’t have a strong preference between mental or physical, except for the yum of seeing the different styles. Cock piercings used for chastity rank highly for me.

BC writes:

Goddess Elswyth,

I am so happy and excited to be your Patron I fell in love with your audios and I really want to place my head at the bottom of your feet. The moment I hear your voice I feel an extreme urge to kneel on the floor with my eyes down. Thank you for making my life happier and meaningful.



ME – You’re welcome. This position sounds like “humble pose” to me. I’m linking the audio and video below for those who haven’t heard it.

T writes:

New follower.. big fan, listening to you on Spotify rn. Thank you.

ME – Thanks. Glad to have you.

Eunoia – Humble Pose (Wed Jan 13th, 2021)
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Sunday – How do you find the spark?

close up photo of fire

Two new sessions went up on Saturday.

Patrons voted for The Eternal Suitor. And they have received a free download coupon for it. You’ll no doubt hear the pleasure I have in doing this session and creating the Sabriel trigger.

Yet, I couldn’t resist getting my Flirty French Maid trigger out there. I’m looking forward to seeing how many want to join me on Pixie adventures.

Today’s Eunoia explores the energy referred to time and again in the Sabriel session.

E writes:

Dear Mistress Elswyth
It’s my birthday tomorrow will you allow me a release while I think of you? Specifically I would like to imagine washing your hair and body whilst you enjoy a bubble bath.

Instead of flowers wrapped in wasteful plastic I’ve sent you pictures of spring flowers growing in the wild .
Much love sincerely yours E

ME – I’ve already given E his permission and birthday wishes. His note is so sweet that it deserved to be shared. You can likely guess which flowers he sent my way.

Bunnie sent:

A thoughtful gift. He tried to send something else – but it appears that “3rd party seller” thing on Amazon bit him.

I admit, I’m happy he had that hiccup because the bracelet he picked instead is perfect for a hypnotist. It has a delicate silver chain and crystal charm pendant – practical as a bracelet or a pendulum. Tick tock.

Thank you, Bunnie.

note: Bunnie isn’t Bunny. I think I’m collecting romantic rabbits!

D writes:

Dear Mistress: I am writing now in my garden. Thank you! I would love if you considered personalized kneeling files for the future—just five minute swirling loop files. No beginning or end. I bought a knee pad for cleaning and weeding, but really for this. I also thought you others might enjoy a vanilla hypnosis about increasing their ability to think and feel musically. I play guitar, but I have self-limiting beliefs I plan to break this summer.

ME – So what do the rest of you think? If you love this idea I want to hear more from you through this form (all replies will be anonymous).

And, D, I’m more than happy to give you (and others) a confidence boost session. I’m wrapping up the last of the sleep sessions and will likely do that one next.

A few of the “bouquets” sent my way…

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Eunoia – Watch the video. I insist.

photo of masquerade masks

I hope you’re having a wonderful Thursday. It isn’t the typical Monday month start that I adore, but it is sunny and gorgeous.. and all things spring.

Plus, I have even more naughty pics, videos, and voice files in my inbox. Ooh.. I love being spoiled!

We are jumping right into exploring another type of creativity. It does tie into some smutty-useful-fun sessions coming out during this month.. and, hey, it’s just fun.

I love when we play together in my shared reality. Check over previous days if you want to participate in the Grand Data Collection (aka google forms) on personas and the like. You can use the form to submit your homework. You’re on the honor system for today’s permissive circumstance.

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Eunoia – Eudemonia and Extra Homework

statuette of elephant and hippopotamus on windowsill

Today is the last day of the month, and the last of our Naughty/Nice words for March. Did you catch your word over the last month? If not, you might hear it pop up as we move onto another theme.

If you came to this page from YouTube or your favourite podcast app, the link and an audio explanation of today’s homework can be found here:

Your Homework

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Eunoia – Saturday – What if you .. didn’t?

appetizer bake baked baking

Good morning! We have recipes (and satisfied followers).

So I’ll make sure that I protect people’s privacy by not linking names and recipes/places. Thanks to those who included pics as well. I like that asking someone about their hometown “known for” is a surefire way to start a conversation.

It ties into what we’ve discussed about connecting with others. I’m not trying to be the self-help guru here, trust me my interest is still more in playing fun mental games and improving rope skills… but from private conversations I know there is a struggle with balance, expectations, and anxiety. Our Eunoia for today touches on that too.

Our poll is going strong — should you be able to save permissive circumstance rewards for another day? Wayne has upped the ante to say he’d be willing to inform me of when he does so. I told him that’s a good start. Any thoughts on what you think should be included?