Fear of Being Naked – Get Over Yourself


Confront the source of your fears and anxiety surrounding being naked, and enjoy some naughty scenarios in which you won’t be dressed at all.

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This session encourages you to let go of the source of your fears and anxieties related to being naked, alone, or with others. Together we will reflect on the source of this shame and confront it, and then I’ll share the benefits.

The session concludes with three enticing vignettes. Each is a fun, flirty thought, fixating on a moment in which you would find yourself comfortable without a stitch of clothing.

This session uses an induction that asks you to picture some adorable, sleepy puppies, but if you have an acute fear of dogs, it might not be suitable for you. Additionally, this session uses a regression technique to help you reflect on the source of your anxiety. No matter how much I want you to be safe with me, this might make some uncomfortable. You should familiarise yourself with a safeword setting session before you play with me.

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