What You Think and What I Know


Mindful hypnotic meditation for shedding right/wrong thinking in submission.


Do you feel stuck? (Not the yummy kind of stuck). Stuck in the overthinking of how to submit, how to meditate, how to serve, how to experience pleasure, how to trance, how to this and how to that…

The induction for this session requires two hand-held objects. You simply need things that fit into your hand, don’t overthink it.

This hypnotic meditation is for shedding right/wrong thinking and focuses on: 

  • Growing through daily devotions
  • The value of the shared headspace
  • The internal conflict of being tied to traditions
  • Expanding your mind’s boundaries
  • Recharging your personal creativity

It returns you to the simplicity of us.

Length: 39 minutes

Themes: Femdom, Submission, Mindfulness and Mindlessness

Background Music: Alpha Wave