Intimate Chastity Bundle – Complete Series


The Complete Intimate Chastity journey for your enjoyment, or frustration is now available as a bundle.


Have you experienced Becoming Clean? Are you looking to take the next step in this erotic game? Does it excite you to know that there’s at least a chance that your choices, or your luck, might leave you frustrated?

Enjoy the Intimate Chastity series presented here as a complete set. Take your time enjoying the knowledge that Mistress has taken ownership of your pleasure, and when you are ready you will hopefully earn your release.

18+ Only

Themes: Chastity, Gentle Femdom, Release, Denial, Frustration

Length: More than 2 hours over 4 files

All participants are encouraged to listen to a safeword setting session prior to any hypnotic sessions. Tunnel of Light is the free version available to all. Castle Keep can be found in the shop or Patreon.