JOI with Walking to Seduction: Dryad



JOI with Walking to Seduction: Dryad is a cleverly designed audio experience that fully immerses you in this Femdom hypnosis scenario. Uncover more of the audio with every listen. If you are a fan of Walking to Seduction: Plant Shop you will fall in love with this new experience.

Please note that this session includes suggestions of masturbation and orgasm. You may choose to explore this in your imagination or follow along in everyday life. Or, let yourself be surprised in the moment.

This two session bundle includes the Walking to Seduction: Dryad Femdom hypnosis audio. This session is available on YouTube and the podcast, but is presented here without the podcast introduction and outro.

But the main attraction is the full and uncensored Walking to Seduction: Dryad with an additional 10 minutes of erotic material that would be unsuitable for YouTube.

The  Dryad hypnosis session ends with an awakener that might make you blush, but won’t bring harm.


  • This session requires the Season 4 Deepening Trigger, found in the Beginner Bundle.
  • This session contains explicit sexual content.
  • Includes themes of mind control and voyeurism.

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