Chastity Mindset Sessions – Bundle of Three Sessions


Whether you’re resigned to your fate, unbearably frustrated, or just eager to please you will know that it’s easy to be in chastity.



“It’s easy to remain in chastity.”

In this trio of sessions, this is the mantra that will be given to you. It’s the central tenet of your hypnotic re-education.

These sessions are BEGINNER friendly. So if you’re new to hypnosis, they will work for you. Each one begins with the same confusion induction proven to get past even the most resistant hypnosis subject. But why would you want to resist?

You will receive three hypnotic audio sessions with different motives. Each contains a unique post hypnotic suggestion that will stay with you until replaced with a new one.

Will you be comfortably resigned to your fate?  Find this in the Contentment Session.
Or hopelessly frustrated by constant, fruitless reminders of your own arousal?  Find this in the Frustration Session.
Maybe your state of chastity will leave you eager to please, even if you have no hope for release.  Find this in the Eagerness Session.

Chastity is easier with the attitude adjustments in your subconscious that these sessions provide.


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