The Pirate Queen


An intense tale of Femdom power exchange awaits the intrepid captain in this erotic, hypnotic session, with boot licking and humiliation.



Pay a visit to the Listening Room and choose The Pirate Queen album.

You’ll hear the tale of how one Captain loses more than his ship to a hypnotic Pirate Queen. Boot and foot worship is featured prominently in this session, plus an intense power exchange and female domination.

A New Place to Play with Femdom Storytelling

The Pirate Queen is the first session to make use of The Listening Room. The induction makes use of a setting familiar to anyone who has enjoyed the new Getting Longer session. It describes the process of readying yourself to visit me in my home. There you’ll be whisked away by erotic hypnosis, to experience the nautical fantasy I’ve created for you.

Triggers and Required Reading

The Listening Room is introduced in S4’s Getting Longer: An Auditory Experience, but it isn’t required for this session, just helpful.

However, you will need the Season Four Deepening Trigger. POUR will enhance this erotic experience, and the Dear/Darling Trigger plays an important role in the story.

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