Elswyth Erases: Triggers, Habits, and Thoughts


A tool to help alleviate many different types of subconscious conditioning, that impact your conscious thinking and steal your emotional energy and happiness.


Elswyth Erases is a Femdom hypnosis tool. Use these sessions to erase different types of subconscious conditioning.

These triggers, habits and thoughts impact your conscious thinking. And these negative influences pop up unexpectedly. They steal your emotional energy and happiness.

All Good Things Come From Mistress

We are using a school room theme for this one:

  • Chalkboard induction
  • Mistress as your teacher
  • School bell metaphor

Even though you’re an adult, you still have things to learn.

This session should be safe for everyone, as long as you’re comfortable with the Femdom theme. No hypnotic regression techniques are used (in plain talk – this is NOT an age play session).

Four Femdom Hypnosis Sessions

Included in the bundle:

  1. Broad approach to negative influences
  2. Unwanted triggers
  3. Bad habits
  4. Intrusive thoughts

All four use the same school room theme where you’re my pupil. The same induction for each, which allows you to go deeper faster each time, with tailored focal content. Sessions average 25 minutes in length.

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