Season Four Expanded Beginner Bundle



Enjoy a full set of eight variations of the new Season 4 Beginner Bundle sessions.

Both the Safeword Session and the Deepening Trigger (required!) have received the same treatment. You can choose whether your session ends with you fully awake and ready to tackle the rest of your day. Or you might choose an explicit instruction to drift off to a restful and restorative sleep.

These sessions include new music that utilizes isochronic tones for deep relaxation.

The rhythmic elements are deliberately atypical to most calming music, altering your perception. In the S4 Deepening Trigger Session, you may hear additional Solfeggio frequencies blended into the experience. Two tones are used. 396Hz is said to aid releasing negative feelings and guilt. This tone alternates with 417Hz, which facilitates change. These are chosen to help promote faster adoption of the post hypnotic suggestions present in both sessions.

Alternative versions of both sessions are included with familiar music from my library, for your enjoyment.

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