Circles Within Circles


Explore countless erotic scenarios in a full hour of Mistress Elswyth’s attention.


This session is for the submissive that wants to explore. To submit and expand upon interests, talents, and their sense of self.

It is leading without being too forceful. You may be exposed to ideas that you reject outright as not being right for you and that’s permitted here, you are learning about yourself.

I will nudge you into openness and exploring.

I will encourage growth.

18+ Only. The ideas contained within are adult and most are highly sexual in nature. As you know, I love a well-rounded submissive so it’s not all about kink or fetish.

This is not a vanilla session by any stretch of the imagination. The phrase “Submit and Expand” is placed in a willing mind. This phrase will allow for a wider selection of play sessions and training between us. Isn’t that nice?

Length: 61 minutes

Triggers: Submit and Expand
Themes: Femdom, Submission, Willingness, Service, Kinks and Fetishes

Background Music: Alpha Wave

All participants are encouraged to listen to a safeword setting session prior to any hypnotic sessions. Tunnel of Light is the free version available to all.