Locktober MCF Collection


Enchance your Locktober experience with some tastefully styled Mind Control Fragments to encourage, subvert and tease.



Get the full set of six Mind Control Fragments focused on Locktober. All of these fragments will be released over the course of the month, but you can have them all right now, if you want to have fun with them right away. Just like every MCF, you can mix and match, loop and shuffle these pieces together however you please. If you purchase this item, you even have my permission use them in your lo-fi hip-hop remixes.

For more information just read the main MCF page. You should find at least one of these fragments there.

What’s Included?

I’m glad you asked. There’s six fragments included in this collection;

  • One positive affirmation session, to help you remember why you’re challenging yourself.
  • One “Less-Than Useful” affirmation session that might make you question your decisions.
  • Three fragments in which I give you permission to play a while, and share some different naughty ideas.
    • A day out in the woods.
    • Some fun with a stroker toy.
    • Playing with my panties in your hand.
  • One open-ended version of this tease fragment, where you get to daydream about whatever you like.

Missing Something?

If you think your Locktober experience would be improved dramatically by some other fragment, get in touch with me, tell me what you’re looking for, and I’ll see if I like your idea.

Additional information