Mind Control Fragments

You’ve found the public collection of Mind Control Fragments. The tiny vignettes that you’ll find here are to be used when you have time to be on your knees.

You can do this by physically being on your knees, or by taking the time to listen to the hypnotic induction and imagining yourself on your knees. And yes, even if you choose to physically be on your knees, you can listen to the hypnotic induction.

You can listen to the whole collection below, or download the fragments and reorganise them as you wish. Duplicate them, randomise them, pick out all your favourites and enjoy them.

If you’re making your own playlist, make sure that you include the awakener at the end. As the collection expands, I may make some playlists of my own. I’ll be adding to the fragments here often. Some will appear on Patreon, others in the shop. Some will be loyalty rewards and some might be hidden away.

Each fragment is labelled with what you can kind-of expect inside of it. There should be no shocking surprises. The scolding? It’s going to involve scolding. And the Pixie one? Well if you’re not familiar with Pixie perhaps you need to go introduce yourself with one of those trigger setting sessions.

You can listen to as many or few sessions as you like, and you already know that there will be more added, and perhaps some taken away. I like to keep you on your toes, oh, that is when I’m not keeping you on your knees.

By Right-Clicking or Long-Pressing the Fragment names in the audio player, you should be able to easily download the files.

You can find out about the most recent update to this session here.