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Eunoia (13th October), Reasons to Be Cheerful

In this segment, those quietly playing Permissive Circumstance are revealed, and I explain my absence yesterday.

You can find the Naughty Bunny (Caught Masturbating) Trigger Setting here.


Today is Wednesday and this is Eunoia, Spoken by Elswyth. I’ll say ahead of time, if I sound like I’ve just inhaled a bunch of pepper, or I’m having an allergy attack or something else, the actual reason is way more mundane… I just finished a sad book. And I’ve been waiting and waiting to not sound stuffy any more, and that’s apparently never going to happen. So I figure, you know, we’ll just persevere.

I promise, there’s nothing wrong in my life other than I left the last few chapters of a sad book to read today. And I can’t even tell you the name of the book because it would actually, for if others are reading this, I know it’s on one of the major lists, if somebody else is also reading this book, it is a spoiler.

So… everything’s fine. This is just what I sound like after I’ve had a good cry over some fiction. Let’s start in with Listen… and… I want to say hello to Derrick, who sent me a polite note, letting me know he’s playing along with Permissive Circumstance. He found me on Reddit, and has only listened to Eunoia so far.

I’ve seen similar sentiments from Sissy Cheri, and from Mike. And they only reached out after that last little piece of homework, and that’s fun. I like hearing from you. It’s more fun hearing about people’s experiences with the podcast and the games we play together than looking at like… the podcast downloads graph anyway.

I know that my dear Bunny, the writing Bunny, oh… for those of you that don’t know, I pick out someone’s clothing in exchange for him doing his writing practice daily. It’s just 500 words, but it keeps him in that habit, right? Anyway… Bunny also loves numbers and marketing.

Oh, and I guess speaking of Bunny… I’ve had some very, very sincere thank yous for Naughty Bunny, the trigger setting session. So if you haven’t heard that one, it did come out on Saturday. And, yeah… I do love to drop that particular word rune into sessions. It just fits nicely in different places and I know from you guys that you love that as well.

Definitely listen to that one because it’s going to be coming up again… and finally there’s a question from Michael who says that he is thinking of becoming a Happy Harem member over on Patreon. He asked if he gets any full-length hypno audio files in with his membership, and there’s a few dozen of you who are able to answer that with a resounding “Yes Michael, of course.”

I have a little private area on the Spoken by Elswyth dot-com, the website, where Patrons can collect some sessions that the out crowd would have to pay for. And other sessions went on the Patreon feed… usually what I do is I send a code out on the Patreon, and then people use the code on the website to download. Patreon is a little bit of a pain in the butt at times… and I know other people use, like… I’ve used Google Drive and things… but it just to work best just going through the website.

So… yeah. You do get full-length things through Patreon. I don’t have an entire list. Maybe I need to find one of my really organised Happy Harem members and then they can make out the little tree of sessions and so on. Let’s see… and speaking of being disorganised, yeah… I did promise an episode of Eunoia yesterday that you’re getting today instead.

Truth be told, I had a really great reason to stay in bed yesterday morning… and so I did. You know the pleasures of working from home and having a bedroom full of goodies and good company. And by the time I was up, showered, and then got distracted in the shower, and working… there was just too much traffic noise and other bustle outside to record.

So… okay… let’s go on to Obey. If you’re a Patron, one of my dear Happy Harem, I want you to go vote for which session goes out on Saturday, in the poll. I think I have space for like a dozen more people in the Patreon, so if you’re not a Happy Harem member, go head over, join and vote.

Okay, next… Permissive Circumstance. Firstly, if you’re doing Locktober, well you have a new MCF, it went out on Monday, that’s going to entertain you. Or it… well, there’s no “or”, it will frustrate you, and it might entertain you, and some people, they like to play and tease and edge throughout the month. And some don’t. Isn’t it funny that everyone has different rules for themselves.

So let’s see… have you been good so far today? Did you get a good night’s sleep? Brush your teeth? Eaten decently? If you answered yes to all of those questions, you have my permission for release. And if you said no at all, then you still have my permission, but… first I want you to take five minutes with your nose in the naughty corner. Five minutes can seem like a very long time.

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