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Eunoia (October 14th), Tidy Boys and Fair Food

In this instalment I talk about condiments. Stick with me, it’s fun.


Today is Thursday, and this is Eunoia, Spoken by Elswyth. Eunoia is all about the connection between us outside of our playtime together. Send your notes through Patreon or the SpokenByElswyth website to be included in the Listen section and continue on to Obey for the homework, permissive circumstance, and so on.

Yesterday I forgot to mention a quick thank-you to Elijah for supporting me on Patreon. Some people reach out immediately when they join Patreon, and others don’t… I could send them a message through Patreon, but it’s more fun to say “Hi” this way. This is an auditory experience, after all.

So I have two Personal Growth sessions recorded, and they are entitled “Be More Bold” and “Fear of Being Naked”. These are both confidence-building sessions of different types, and they’re both a little bit naughty, mostly because learning should be fun.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve offered them both up to my Patrons, and they’re voting on which one will be released on Saturday. For those of you doing Locktober, I’m guessing you wish you could be released on Saturday! The other will come next month some time or so on… so that Patreon poll is ticking along, and you can head over that way if you want to see where the votes are leaning at this time.

Okay, and in Listen I was going to share an interesting little tidbit, ummm… story… about humiliation play and it stuck with… sorry, it always, always makes me laugh because I can so easily see the two types of people that I’m about to describe to you… so, with humiliation play… and it’s about what totally mortifies one person, and how the same thing can be used by another one to be just, hilarious fun.

I know this is yet another reason why I appreciate all of those thoughts and feelings that get so freely shared with me. Don’t remember that particular line? “All of my thoughts and feelings belong…”

Yeah most of you know it. If you don’t, you’ve missed a session, or two.

Anyway, the reason this story stuck with me is that it talks about using ketchup and mustard with two, very different, bottoms. So I’m imagining the image of these two bottoms. One… one pet is sent to do an errand with ketchup and mustard stains on his shirt. Now for this pet, this is enough to destabilise him completely, and instil those squirmy feelings in him as he does errands. And by the time that boy makes it back, yeah… he’s going to be ready to truly get played with.

And now, the other bottom? Well, you hand him a bottle of mustard and a bottle of ketchup and he’s gonna squirt them both all over himself while yelling “I’m a hotdog! I’m a hotdog!”

So tell me, honestly, no fibbing… which type of bottom are you? No, we’re not playing that there’s a spectrum… right now, you have to say, and we’re going to say that this is also your homework, which type of pet are you? A tidy boy, who can’t bear to go out with some stains on his shirt? Or ummm… fair food? Let me know.

And for the Permissive Circumstance, if Locktober applies to you, no permission from me and if not… okay… five minutes. I told you yesterday that five minutes can seem like a long time, remember? That’s your limit, so start whenever you’re comfortable, but from the moment you touch yourself, five minutes is all you get.

And be sure to let me know how that went for you, because I need to know if tomorrow should be four minutes, or seven.

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  1. Given where I live, Mistress – It has to be a tidy boy.

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