Prissy the Sissy Maid’s Sunday Morning Chores


Experience the morning in the role of my feminised, chastised, hypnotised servant. Maids that finish their chores are generously rewarded.


Join me in the shared headspace as Prissy, my blushing sissy maid. You will experience the morning in the role of my feminised, chastised, hypnotised servant. You’ll learn your chore list, and if you do an excellent job, you will be rewarded.

This session is not about self-improvement, or even really about training. It’s the tale of how my sissy maid and I go about our Sunday morning routine, with every teasing and humiliating thought I could squeeze into it. You’ll hear a laundry list of surprises as you listen, and you’ll likely squirm at every one.

Prissy’s chores end with an opportunity to find relief, but poor Prissy is only given five minutes to finish. This is not a pure JOI session, but you will hear in excruciating detail the circumstances of Prissy’s brief release from chastity. While you play, you’ll get to hear more about the relationship between a Mistress and her maid.

A Story About a Story

Sunday Morning Chores is an adaption of a story that was shared with me a long time ago, and rewritten by a partner more recently. It was so much fun to turn it into a spoken piece, and a hypnosis piece, at the same time.

Everyone experiences humiliation differently, but there are many different threads woven into this tale, that have been shared with me by multiple partners and listeners over time. If you have a sissy maid fetish, there’s something wonderful in this session for you.

Disclaimers, etc.

This session features a lot of teasing and humiliation. I talk about feminization/cross-dressing, and also a chastity cage.

The “Come to Me Prissy” trigger is designed to enhance this session, but you may well enjoy the session without it.

The session builds up to a five minute interlude where you are given explicit permission for release. You can play throughout the whole session, or just when prompted.

Additional information