Marshmallow Trigger Session – Chastity Hypnosis


You need chastity hypnosis, taking pleasure in denial and being made to wait, as much pleasure as you do in earning your reward.

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You need chastity hypnosis. You need to be able to take pleasure in denial, to be content with being made to wait. Soon every time you stave off release will feel as sweet as reward.

The Marshmallow trigger is delivered to your subconscious in a conversational hypnosis style, using indirect hypnosis and storytelling to achieve results. The Marshmallow session is freely available, but this version strengthens that connection by relating this sensation to your desire for sexual denial.

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Marshmallow is about Delaying Gratification

The Marshmallow trigger session is all about delaying gratification. This means staving off the desire to do something frivolous and unproductive. And it also means putting off reward until work is done.

On the other hand, delaying gratification means learning to feel that warm and fuzzy sensation, instead of frustration, when you’re faced with denial.

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33 Minutes


It Calls Me Away and Back