Tunnel of Light


Experience the comfort of a safe place you can always retreat to.


Prepare yourself for deeper hypnosis play with this safeword setting session that helps you experience the comfort of a safe place. This session is for setting a safeword, an inner sanctuary, where you can retreat during any of our sessions. It can also be used when you need a break from everyday life.

Familiarise yourself with this place so you can revisit it if our play leads somewhere you’d rather not tread, or that you just aren’t ready for. As we continue on our journey together, going deeper and maybe darker, it is necessary that you have a safeword that can be used at any time you need a break.

18+ only.

While this session is designed to be relaxing, those who suffer from claustrophobia may wish to proceed with caution.

Additional information


18 minutes


Alpha Wave


Safeword Setting, Centering, A Safe Place

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