Pocket Pet Trigger Setting


Freely available to you is the trigger setting for Pocket Pet, a new way to put yourself at my mercy through erotic hypnosis.


Pocket Pet is a new way to put yourself at the mercy of your Mistress. Begin here to explore the many ways we can explore your newfound shrinking fetish (or is it a giantess fetish?)

This session introduces the idea of changing your size in guided meditation. A conversational hypnotic induction and full body relaxation leads you to the trigger setting.

Two word runes will be set firmly, glowing, in your subconscious mind.
One of these allows me to make you feel small, be small, whenever and wherever I please.
Luckily the second will allow me to return you to your usual height.

Listen to the Trailer Here

Are you ready to begin this tiny adventure with me?

This trigger setting session is freely available to download. The only thing you have to lose is your stature!

Strictly 18+ only.

This session has themes of Femdom, Ownership and deep Control, as well as a penchant for the fantastical. As your Mistress introduces the idea of this kind of play we will even talk about ancient myth.

Although this trigger setting session is not about play, it is sexually suggestive.

Erotic hypnosis is BDSM. I always recommend that my listeners familiarize themselves with a Safeword Session like Castle Keep before listening to my sessions.

Already eager for more?

The first Pocket Pet session is already available. Continue your adventure once you are familiar with the triggers. But don’t be too hasty!

You should listen to the trigger setting two or even more times before moving forward to get the best possible experience.

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